Changing lives Monday: Do you feel like helping others today?! - my 1st Steemian anniversary post

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Hi there my Steemian friends!

Today is my 1st Steemian anniversary, and I woke up and a post of a great friend and fellow musician on DSound caught my attention... @d-vine who is a member of the GAIA Intervention just brought to me these two situations of two other fellow DSound creators that really got my heart to speed up...

Please take a moment to read or watch their stories... then take a moment to think about it... and hope you'll do as me and take action! I am still a Minnow in this platform... and my first year of Steem I have worked so damn hard to help other fellow Steemians, than I ever did for any job in my entire life... and I think that's the spirit of Steem!

Any funds got on this post will be sent along with my donation to these two friends... If you have a big account, please don't vote this post and do it instead by transfer to the two accounts I link, saving me from the struggle of having to wait for the funds to send them... this needs immediate attention:



PicMonkey Image wifi.jpg

About my 1st Steemian anniversary

Exactly 365 days ago I joined Steem, after a long period of learning about it and understanding the technicals about it...

Two days after I posted my introduction post as required, even cut my beard to look nicer...

A few days later I decided that my 1st post in the platform would be directed to the thing that I was struggling the most, trying to share with the community my suffering and maybe get some love back. This was about Portugal giant fires: My parents house turned to ashes...

That post got even less attention than my intro post and a fantastic total of 7 votes and $0.04 reward. I was a bit disappointed at that time... I was sooo desperate... :'(

Five days later I wrote a post about my doubts about the platform and it got exactly the same traction as the prior one, so I understood that I wasn't reaching enough people, but stayed still a bit sad about it...

Then I learned about the stories of @papa-pepper, watched his videos like this one that opened my mind... Suddenly it all made sense! And I learned that I could still grow my beard on Steem... Thanks @papa-pepper! :)

And all this led to me thinking about what could I do for the community, so that I could deserve the help of the community back... And that led to me developing DSound and to a full year of dedication to this platform and helping hundreds of musicians around the globe, creating an amazing DSound tribe! Thank you all for this experience! :)

So, to mark my 1st anniversary, I will not get back and ask for help with my parents house... actually it just began to be reconstructed with civilian donations (just the main house, but I have some plans for the other houses that I'll bring later to Steemians as a fun thing, I think... more on this in the future)...

Instead, and to show you all that I learned about our community and our values, I want to ask your help for these other two situations that really, really..., really deserve our attention!

Please join me and show your love to these fellow Steemian souls!

Thanks for this amazing year my friends!

Peace and love to you all! <3

Edit: My donations are already sent:

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.18.42.png


Hey there fellow Steemians! Where are you? :(

I just wanted to also ask everyone involved in Steem to think for an instant on all the stuff you do related to Steem... Are you doing enough? Are you being part of the sharing economy?!

Did you actually make someones life easier this last week?

I really feel sad... To see a post like this with a payout that don't even match 10% of my personal donations, for me is discouraging... to say the least... :(

To see whales vote in a post like this with 1% - 5%, just for their name to figure in the list, or because they didn't even read the post, but their voting bot follows me, is just too sad... :/

I was really expecting a LOT more, with my following and my record of doing things for the Steem community...

And then we go to Trending and see an introduction post with $700+ payout, or the usual ones cashing in...

I truly think that this is NOT an healthy response from the community, sorry... :(

I feel you Pedro, I have hope though, you came around & it wasn't expected <3
One person at a time <3
Thank you for being such an outstanding earthling <3

P.S. It makes me sad to read nobody took notice of the horror that you described happening in your country a year ago :(

This post should be trending way up there... can't believe it only has €15 payout... I guess altruism isn't often rewarded, but you can be proud of yourself for what you donated..

Hey I'm right there with you!!
I'm new to the platform so I'm still getting the hang of it.
But if we stick together we can all make it work!!

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@prc Thank you so much <3 i will be able to fix the fence , properly with cinder blocks even maybe. it will make the yard safe again for the furkids and i won't have to be afraid that they will get out and hit by a car before i can chase them down with the wheel chair . This really is a game changer because things have been super hard of late .

Thank you @tygertyger for all you do! :)
I am really glad to celebrate my anniversary of Steem sharing with people like you that do SO MUCH and ask for so little in return! This is exactly what a Sharing economy means for me! and I am just a little minnow still... ;)

Thank you for your kind words :)

@tygertyger and @movement19

I sent you both these transfers:

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 13.46.07.png

I am sorry! I even had to put a bit more to make it 5 STEEM... This is how Steem is nowadays... :(

At least I tried...

please do not feel sorry you helped me a ton with your gift. As soon as I find the right person to do the fence job things will be better here . And 5 steem is a packet of nappies for Mooburt :)

Oh wow, wow, woooooow!
This just made me break out in tears Pedro <3
When something is important to me I will fight for it, I never know how someone will react, a lot of times people feel bothered, see me as obnoxious, YOU though @prc even said thank you for bringing this to your attention!
You are one amazingly rad Gaian <3
Thank you for supporting this ...



I just believe that stuff happens for a reason all the time! There are no coincidences... :)
So thank you for bringing to me these two stories of fellow Steemians in needs, on such a special day, so that I could properly mark my 1st year of Steem in the best way possible! ;)
Just got the information from @movement19 that he and his wife are already taking care of the moving! how amazing this can be?! Soooo happy for them...

I believe the same, I am ecstatic our paths have crossed Pedro <3

I talked to @tygertyger yesterday & she is so happy, she can finally can get the fence fixed properly for the fur-people she is taking care of, no more chases in her wheelchair when one of them decides to go on a stroll <3
This woman is really something, even with her condition she sees it to be her duty to take care of her fur-people she saved, because she promised them she would <3 My kind of hero <3

A simple "thank you" does not suffice. Nonetheless, I must say it as well as show it. Your donation has made a world of difference in our current situation and has shown us that Steemit is a place for people who truly want to change the world for the better. Your creation, #Dsound, is truly a plus on this platform and I will continue to utilize it and help support it as best I can. Please continue doing the great work you do and I hope to have you on my @msp-waves show soon so that I may thank you and support your projects publicly. <3

Congrats & Thanks & Love :) Keep on rockin' @prc :)
Love Peace Happiness & Kindness to ya all :))


Thanks a lot! Same to you! :)
As you say: "... love is limitless and free, why give only a little?" ;)

EXACTLY!!! I <3 U @madcracke, it's a blessing to have you in my life for over a quarter century now <3
You inspire me everyday by who you are <3 <3 <3

Wow this is absolutely so incredible. Such an inspiring leader you are. Amazing in this world that we can be the light and help others.

Much love and respect for all you do to help out so many.

Thanks a lot my friend! :)
You are part of this team man! You also work a lot behind the scenes to make DSound reach even more musicians... So thank you too!

You're very welcome :)

Team work makes the dream work :) And glad to do put time and work to grow this amazing DSound tribe.

Much love and respect my friend.

Congratulations to your Steem anniversary! :) Really appreciate the perspective you opened up for musicians here on the platform! Without Steemit and Dsound I already would have given up on making music! But what you did today just tops it! :)

Hey there mate! :)
Thanks a lot! It has been such a great year! And you guys make it fulfilling everyday!

Happy steemversary and thanks for highlighting D-vine shout out. World needs more people like her, caring. She has been such a great support to me as friend too.

Thanks a lot! It was a crazy and amazing year... :)
Looking forward to this new one!
With all of you around I am pretty sure it will be a blast!!! ;)

Oh YES, Happy Steemversary! I was so blown away by @prc's kindness & generosity, I got carried away, sorry about that ;)
Awe @yidneth to cross paths with you has been a true blessing, like you said before, in 10 years from now, we we still be chatting & sending each other fuzzy people pics <3
Plus we will have met in real life <3

I missed my dose of puppy cuteness today lol... I am sure we will meet. I kind of feel when an online friendship is enduring my sweet Earth companion.

Ohhh nooo, been so busy! We can't have that though, here is Kenta as a puppy <3

I believe the same, we are destined too <3

Awww! See you later at the Needle. Still need to upload my dsound and post but will be up by then, but will likely play it life.... Aww that puppy...

This is such a nice surprise @prc really kind of you man to react so fast and give so much, I don't remember anyone giving 1k STEEM to anybody on Steemit to support things of this nature without getting anything in return, this is really commendable <3 great job connecting @d-vine ✌ amazing

Thanks mate! :)
There are a lot of people on Steem doing much more good stuff that I am... check @papa-pepper, and many others... I just felt it could be a good way to initiate a positive feedback loop to help these guys... And what a better way to celebrate my Steemian anniversary?! ;)

I wasn't aware of @papa-pepper :) I guess there are people doing great job at helping the community and the needy on Steemit that I was not aware of @prc this is just the first I've witnessed at this level, and I'm really glad you made it a way to celebrate your full year on Steemit ✌

@prc's action really fit to the person I had the honor to get to know & call my friend, a genuine, direct & caring human <3
Real help is an act of selflessness, you help because you can & in the way you can, you do not expect anything back <3 Pedro is a great example <3

Didn't had a chance like you @d-vine but you know I trust you Denise <3 I love to see things like this happening, nice move!

In German we say, what isn't might happen ;) <3

Ivan, you should tell Pedro @prc about the festival in Osijek, he is a Dj too <3 & a musician playing various instruments

That is just something German would say :) I really love it haha
Yeah, makes sense to invite him, I will send a message to @prc and let him know, didn't know he was a dj ✌

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Hey! Happy steemit-versary :D

I appretiated a lot this post and your will to help other people. If I had a big account, I would help for sure, but I'm still as invisible as you were a year ago :(

By the way, how can I contact you? I need to...

Thanks a lot! :)
Yeah... I understand... but you can still help by resteeming and voting!
Join DSound Discord server at:

Hey! thanks for replying.
Well, I joined through the link you gave me, but I still can't join Dsound itself :( that's why I wanted to talk to you...

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Ola @prc sou portugues de Setubal e vivo no Brazil desde 2004. Sou curador e tenho a curation trail @pataty69 no steemauto. Sempre procuro postagens no Dsound de portugueses mas vejo poucas com a tag #pt será que me podes dar uma ajuda indicando nossos patricios.
Dei um voto e resteem neste post vou dar uma força aqui nos grupos do telegram.

Today, you have been a steemit one year. Lots of congratulations for this You continue to get success in this way. good luck

Muy humando de tu parte. que grande eres. un fuerte abrazo Saludos.

Happy anniversary and great video, i hope you get sorted with your life :)

Very kewl prc man love what your doing for the music community and artist from around the planet! Ive not known you long but i can see you have great determination and passion! Respect! Cheers Kurt :D

A year?!? Stunned how much you managed to do, Pedro, but not surprised as we know you rock man! with yet another proof bringing light to two dsounders <3 Rock on!

Thanks for looking out for our community and ones in need it makes my heart swell and thankful for ones looking out and reaching out.
Congrats we have been on here for a year, i just noticed i have too...

Stay positive and constructive even during tough times and keep working towards something better.

be well

BRo this is fucking huge, You are an example, I am just truly amazed, just wow !!! I just show what type of person you are and your motivations in life, to do some good out there!

Happy Steem anniversary , what you did in a year is just tremendous!


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I wish I could help

Wow @prc!! 500 Steem to each! You rock man!! You are what Steem is all about, respect brother... Such worthy causes too..

Congratulations on completing a year on steemit. :)

Thanks a lot mate! :)
How are you? Missing Lisbon? ;)

Hi. Curious if you have heard about the Byteball airdrop to all Steemians yet. Based on your rep, you'd get $80 worth of tokens - $40 liquid, and $40 locked up for one year. If you haven't claimed them yet, I can send you a guide.

I just saw your comment. Please do not be ashamed. We all do whatever we can. And we are on a platform which takes a lot of work to reach people. You have done more than anything anyone could have asked of you. Honestly, it is your contribution that has made it so that we could actually start to get our lives back in order. I cannot thank you enough and as soon as we're settled and I'm back full-time I will make it up to you. I've got pics of the moving pod for a post in the next few days so that I may continue to raise enough to pay my mom back and show you that we're doing exactly as we said we would with the money.

Congratulations @prc!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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