YouTube Censorship, AI Machines And The Cable Company Monopoly

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It was a good run while it lasted

but net neutrality is now officially a thing of the past as more and more restrictions are being implemented on what content viewers may or may not have access to online.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers 3 headlining stories that all play into the agenda of online censorship.

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Funny thing that I stopped watching TV 8 years ago for the sole reason that i never liked the idea that a producer or Tv channel can choose for me what to watch, then I started using Youtube thinking that I had the choice to watch whatever I want and here is History repeating itself and Youtube is becoming more like TV by censoring what it thinks is suitable for us to watch based on their agendas or political views.

Check out Lbry. It's in the alpha phase but it reminds me of this platform because it's on the blockchain(decentralized) and you can get paid the same way steemit works except they use their own Lbry coins

Does it support mp3 ??

Not sure. I got an email that the alpha started only a few days ago. I've been too busy and haven't downloaded it yet. I've been following them since pre ICO though and it sounds like You Tube on the blockchain!

Its all controlled by the elite. We all know it.

Very concerning

We always have the choice to speak truth. In the last years many realized freedom is not the godgiven thing we grew up with , we have to fight for it.

Perhaps it's time to switch to for primary or back-up video hosting. :)

Dan I really enjoy your content. There is a way to take back the US before it ends up as part of the monarchy again. Canada is lost to snowflakes.

I'm glad we have blockchain because it will allow us much more diversity in content than (for example) youtube.

Yup pretty much the death of yt... Sharing!

Youtube is dying.... Why I'm here.

This is where we've arrived.

While we called them snowflakes, they took YouTube.

While we made memes, they took control of Twitter.

While we laughed, a little more nervous, they took over Facebook.

Now, we're here. Backed into our corner, watching our web disappear and transmute before our very eyes and we wonder...

Why did we not stop it?

Facebook was an experiment to see how little we cared for our privacy. Not only do people log into the unsecure platform but the militant recruit their friends and post their private lives as if it couldn't happen fast enough. That's where it started and the rest already has more than enough permission for an eternity of illuminati monitoring.

it truly is terrifying, how much we willingly gave up..

There is alt media to go where MSM does not. Hopefully soon there will be alt Tube.

Censorship has the same effect on individual rights as murder.

Even Mike Maloney talked about it 2 years ago... The internet will become a zombie just like the cable tv.

I think we will make a new internet if need be.

We could just go outside and talk to each others!

You can't really yell across the world

Both good points. We basically need an internet at this point to facilitate trade in this super complex system. We also need to find a balance between traditional life and cyber life, in my opinion. People are using technology as a social crutch in many ways.

I hope included site like youtube in the blockchaine technoloy , we will have more freedom and great transparency

I have been watching this unfold and remold over the months, wonder where it is all headed? Interesting future indeed!
Thank you for this info!

Dan Dicks? hahaha

Didn't hear much on the subject before , so thanks for sharing!)

So much freedom I can barely stand it Dan!

Hey Dan! Have you noticed this:
It was launched yesterday.

Oh and... nice video! Like always. :)

Never forget we are the ones that truly have the power. And together we'll be unstopabble. Wearechange. oops.. Pressfortruth ^.^

Of course it is bad news that YouTube is transformed into a mass media, following the same guidelines as the television networks. Restrictions and censorship of content, etc. But at the same time we have to get a positive reading of the situation. I think this will be very good for It is clear that people or at least some people will continue to look for platforms to upload content that is censored in others.

I am a youtuber and I understand that Youtube has to protect itself to become a porn website. There are children out there free to navigate wherever! I post mainly videos of ASMR sounds and ASMR massage where I mainly get body massages and people can see more or less part of my body and I get a lot of comments from perverts and dodgy people, which I don't care. I am upvoting and following you, because I am interested to everything related to youtube. And here it is my channel if you feel to have a look ;)

So bad how our freedoms are also taken on social media. The good news is that everything has a volunteer and this time it is our direction. Decentralized social madia like steemit,, lbry give us back the freedom to choose what we want to see. Fortunately people wake up and begin to see more and more the light in the free market. Good post!

Everyone needs to start downloading all the truther videos on youtube that they value, to have and share. Because they will all be removed from the web soon. Conspiracy research will be deemed illegal and relegated to the dark web in a matter of years.

AI as same as in the case o Crypto market must be regulated the first one in order to control huge corporations and monopolies like Facebook and Google that are very ahead in AI tech development without measuring the potential consequences that this developments could bring they are against regulations because it supposed it will hold back the industry development but what is behind is just a race between those tech giants to get to the point to control the industry no matter at which cost.. so eyes on that guys... I hope it does get regulated and the governments get their hands on that.