The Michelle Carter Texting Suicide Trial: Do You Agree With The Verdict?

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I have been following this highly publicized case because it actually happened where I live and I was pretty intrigued by how this topic has many people talking. I'm also curious what the great minds here think about the case.

The verdict of guilty of involuntary manslaughter was reached in the Michele Carter texting suicide trial and on August 3, the judge sentenced her to 15 months in prison.

If you are unfamiliar with this case I will briefly explain.

What Is This Case About?

In 2014 Conrad Roy killed himself by inhaling carbon monoxide inside his pick up truck in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, MA.

Leading up to the deed, Conrad had been feeling depressed and expressed to his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, that he wanted to kill himself.

She first started with words of kindness and love but then over a period of time she changed her support for him to support for doing the deed. Michelle had repeatedly sent text messages to her boyfriend urging him to do this horrible act.

Prosecutors stated she did this to try and raise her social status with others. She believed if someone killed themselves over her, she would be more popular.

The day of the suicide, Michelle Carter was on the phone with Conrad as he was preparing to go through with it. There is one point in which Conrad got out of the truck and Michelle convinced him to go back in.

He then committed suicide.

Michelle proceeded to never call police or notify his family after he committed suicide.

The Verdict

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The defense used the fact that Michelle was miles away when Conrad killed himself and that she could not be found guilty because she was not there.

The judge thought differently and found Michelle Carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

He sentenced her to 15 months is jail in which she is appealing.

What Do You Think?

How do you feel about this?
Should someone be convicted of a crime through just texts messages?
Do you think she should have gotten more time?

Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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This is outrageous in my opinion.

First we have no context, no clue what was going through her mind, what was her motivation to encourage him to do this, was she suicidal herself, did he abuse her, did she honestly feel he would be better off dead and saw it as mercy?

Regardless of all that they are setting a precedent for imprisoning people solely based on what they say!!!


That said, in all honestly if he was weak minded enough to listen to her then good riddance. I am so sick of the propagation of weakness and stupidity on this planet. Furthermore the parents if anyone are the only ones to blame in this situation. When your child wants to commit suicide this is a clear demonstration of your failure as a parent. Either the parents weren't there when they were needed or they were there in all the wrong ways and screwed that kids head up. Parents who try to blame others for their own shortcomings as parents disgust me almost as much as politicians....almost

STOP PROTECTING STUPID PEOPLE AND THEY WILL STOP BEING STUPID, or natural selection will do it's thing, either way i'm behind it. I am included in this. If I do something stupid and it kills me well then F*** Me, I deserve it.

aaron upvoted 1 small.png

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I would say here where it happened, many people agree that she is a bad person to encourage him, but don't feel like jail time is necessary.

I hear you and it's encouraging that the locals are against jail time, makes me wonder even more why the judge sentenced her. I'm thinking to set a precedent for imprisoning people based on speech as we continue our jolly trot down the path to the "United States of the 3rd Reich". However I must say I do not believe in "Bad" people. I believe in people reacting the best they know how to a completely insane world. A society based on competition will never breed "Good" people and is is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

she deserves everything she got and more!

Thanks for the comment. The more I read about her actions after the fact made me realize just how messed up this girl really is. Most people can't understand how you can get jail time for just words but when someone is so messed up and ready to kill themselves, the last thing they need is someone encouraging them to do it.

This entire situation is preposterous. I'm going to leave it at that

This is a hard case to try. first of all there is no law in any state stating you should not encourage a person to commit suicide.

Reason why - it was never thought of as needed or that it would ever happen. It was to hard to fantom that someone would be cruel enough to do this and not offer to help in anyway.

A normal person would have encouraged to call a suicide line - see a trained profession or even have him talk to his parents to seek help.

None of this was done. Instead she challenged him to do the deed. Get it over. You know you want to do it.

I believe she got what was coming for her. But the misery of that poor boy's family will never end; it has just begun. And for that I am truly sorry for them.

This type of case is rare and may open the doors to other situations that we have never seen before.