We Can ALL Learn From Texas! People Helping Each Other No Matter What Race!

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Hurricane Harvey is going to go down as one of the most devastating floods that has ever happened in the U.S.

I am sitting here watching this horrible event, and then I see this poor family with small children getting rescued by a flatbed pick-up that the news crew was on.

Hearing the cry of the baby makes me wish I was there to help.

In another town a couple of gentlemen are using their boat to rescue people.

The Question We All Need To Answer Is This:

Did the race of any of these people just matter? Freakin No.

We are ALL one race, the human race!

Unfortunately it takes something bad to make us see good!

Help each other! Be good to one another!

You never know when you stick out your hand in the time of need who will respond, after all does it really matter!


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Times of crisis either bring us closer or further the divide

It sure does and it proves that we can get through things when we stick together.

Great publication
He continued

I haven't watched the news in a while and I had no idea that there was a massive hurricane hitting Texas.

The fact that it stalled and just keeps raining is causing major flooding.

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