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Hi love ones(steemians), my name is Rita Sampson,fondly called "chinese" because of my looks,perhaps my nick name is "queenpollyanna".DSC_8190.JPG
The name "Rita" is a Spanish word that means "Pearl", i am a Christian from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.
In my early twenty, i am tall, slim n fair in complexion. I am a graduate of accounting from Akwa Ibom State polytechnic , Ikot Osurua in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.
I am eloquent in spoken English, social but does not thirst for outings though might seems to be if opportunity knocks.
I am focus, discipline, confident, energetic, logical in social conversion n argument, visionary n curious about details in area of interest.
I am hardworking, caring and always ready/ welling to accept corrections.
I am smart in all my doings including dressing, love adventures, honesty and always appreciative.
I am an epitome of beauty, romantic and possesses the strong will power to make one happy if holds in high esteem.
To sum up, Rita Sampson is now a steemian, cheer!.DSC_0182 copy.jpg

I love reading motivational books and consequently surfing the internet for articles of my interests and other things in between .

WEB DESIGNER (blogging)
After i graduated, i learnt how to develop blog website from my elder brother who is a programmer and i intend to work on developing my skills by persevering and God helping me.
I have account on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Perhaps, I have less interest in most of them. I only visit them seldomly to check on some of the news and other updates from my friends. But thanks to my friend on Facebook @oduduokopide. Who posted about Steemit on Facebook, I had to talk to him on what'sapp for more details. Now, I'm adding STEEMIT to my list because I've seen so many fascinating, educating and entertaining post here on Steemit.

Looking forward to sharing more articles of different topics i love and making new outstanding friends on Steemit...
I love steemit!WP_20171227_17_03_37_Selfie.jpg


Welcome onboard beauty queen.

All Thanks to you.

Welcome to join Enjoy Steemit

Thank you dear friend!

Welcome to the Steemit community Rita !!

Welcome to Steemit! Glad to see some new faces!

Thank you , i appreciate.

Cool Yellow pants. Welcome to steemit i love it here!! I would leave a funny meme but i might get flagged. Follow me for more upvotes and funny videos! Enjoy this upvote

hello @queenpollyanna welcome to steemit, I wish you the greatest success on this platform, as a sign of my support I voted and followed. Greetings from Venezuela. follow me :).
I invite you to visit my profile and vote for me. by the way you're very pretty

Thank you ,i will sure do that