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I am posting today information on money raised for Ana Hurtado Aponte who is an 8 month old child from Venezuela. Ana has a brain tumor called craniopharyngioma and is in need of surgery. In the event Ana does not receive brain surgery soon she could lose her ability to see and be mobile. This could be permanent. As with any surgery this is expensive, and with it being surgery on the brain it is more than likely much more expensive.

The post I wrote about Ana is and I wrote that the funds raised by the post would be donated to Ana's gofundme project (see link above).

Ana's gofundme project has raised $15,860 out of a goal of $30,000.

I am using the using the value of the post just prior to the drop in steem price. The post at that time indicated a value of $51.69. In addition to the post's earnings I received in my wallet addition donations of 10 steem. The value of the steem I recorded yesterday was an additional $4.00, for a total of $55.69. I rounded this up to $56.00

I would like to thank the following who sent me donations:


Starting with this post I will match all donations sent to my wallet. The totals will be included when I send in donation in 7 days.

Here is the receipt for the donation I made with these funds today:

2nd receipt gofundme.jpg

In 4 days the post for the first donations made will expire and I will donate those monies to Ana's gofundme project.

I want to personally say a big THANK YOU!" to all who upvoted the post and made contributions for Ana's gofundme project.


Hoy estoy publicando información sobre el dinero recaudado para Ana Hurtado Aponte que es una niña de 8 meses de edad de Venezuela. Ana tiene un tumor cerebral llamado craneofaringioma y necesita cirugía. En el caso de que Ana no reciba cirugía cerebral pronto, podría perder su capacidad de ver y ser móvil. Esto podría ser permanente. Como con cualquier cirugía esto es caro, y con la cirugía en el cerebro es más que probable que sea mucho más caro.

El post que escribí sobre Ana es y escribí que los fondos recaudados por el post serían donados al proyecto gofundme de Ana (ver enlace arriba).

proyecto gofundme de Ana ha recaudado 15.860 dólares de una meta de 30.000 dólares.

Estoy usando el valor del poste justo antes de la caída del precio del acero. En ese momento, el puesto tenía un valor de 51,69 dólares. Además de las ganancias del correo que recibí en mi billetera además de las donaciones de 10 steem. El valor del steem que registré ayer fue de $4.00 adicionales, por un total de $55.69. Redondeé esto a $56.00

Me gustaría agradecer a las siguientes personas que me enviaron donaciones:


Aquí está el recibo de la donación que hice con estos fondos hoy:

2do recibo gofundme.jpg

En 4 días el puesto para las primeras donaciones hechas expirará y yo donaré ese dinero al proyecto gofundme de Ana.

Quiero decir personalmente un gran "GRACIAS" a todos los que han votado en contra del puesto y han hecho contribuciones para el proyecto gofundme de Ana.

Aquí hay una flor que seleccioné para compartir como mi manera de decir gracias.

Here is a flower I selected to share as my way to say thank you.


end of post graphic.png

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. When I use a photo of my game camera I try to make note of it. It is usual of wildlife.


end of post graphic.png



Great news! Halfway through... Thanks for your involvement in this amazing initiative Cornell. It is a pleasure to support any post related to it.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Thank you so much, god bless you

Thank you! Thank you for visiting my blog post. Welcome.

This is very integrating article and great photography

Good one sir. 👍

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good afternoon sir r2cornell. introduce me to nasrullah from Aceh. I sympathize with condition ana. because with a very young age, he must bear the burden of the illness he suffered. I feel very sad. I do not have steem or sbd. Because I am a beginner here. forgive me for not helping him. I can only pray that ana will be given healing.

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Not all can help financially, but prayers are also important. Thank you for visiting

this is really great work @r2cornell
Thank you very much sir.

I give you huge respect from my side @r2cornell.
You're a massive helping person of our community via donation to recover child brain surgery.

Thank you. I appreciate it.

@r2cornell, This is great effort and these numbers are showcasing that your efforts brought so much of value. Now wish that little angel will recover soon and will spread the healing smile around her.

Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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thanks to share update this topic ( brain tumor) hope one day she recover.

Greetings @ r2cornell

Excellent work that you have been developing

Thanks for the support given to the Venezuelans.

It is a small gesture, but it represents how great we can be when we commit ourselves to good causes.

Your welcome. I wish I could do more. I am also stretched out a little in supporting causes, but when I saw this about Ana I had to add another to my list and donated money prior to doing a post.

Through this I am getting to know many more people from Venezuela, as I have in Bangladesh. That is part of the wonder of Steemit.

Hopefully the funds will be collected up to $ 30,000. and may God give healing to ana.

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Thank you very much. yes I too hope they meet their goal.

I can only pray that the child will quickly get help and assistance to recover from his illness.
I applaud your work sir, @r2cornell.

That is all many can offer and prayer is always welcome!

I hope that many people can donate to get the amount that is needed, I know very well how is everything here in Venezuela and an operation of that size requires a lot of money and care.

Thank you for visiting @blessed-girl. Yes things are difficult in your country. They started out raising quite a lot in the first week but now it has slowed. I am hoping others will also do a post for Ana.

God bless you for such noble action, for those of us who live in Venezuela we know how difficult it is to have some money

Yes many in Venezuela are having a difficult time. let us all hope things begin to improve soon.

That is my greatest wish that everything will improve soon, the ones we most miss Venezuela are the ones who are here and see it destroyed😔

I know many had to leave to try and find work to send money back to family. I have seen much from other users, and where it may sadden me, it also motivates me. All the Venezuelan's I have met here on steemit love there country.

I think we have to believe it will get better. Like prayer positive thoughts can help.

I am also amazed when seeing the number of people within their communities helping each other . This may make your country stronger in the long run.

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Sé que muchos tuvieron que irse para tratar de encontrar trabajo y enviar dinero a la familia. He visto mucho de otros usuarios, y donde me entristece, también me motiva. Todos los venezolanos que he conocido aquí en steemit amor allí país.

Creo que tenemos que creer que mejorará. Al igual que la oración, los pensamientos positivos pueden ayudar.

También me sorprende ver el número de personas que se ayudan entre sí en sus comunidades... Esto puede fortalecer a su país a largo plazo.

This is my friend, I work every day to help my family, many times I feel bad and frustrated. But I try to have positive thoughts, almost all my family is out of Venezuela

I have seen so many hard working Venezuelian's. Unfortunately I see little on the news of the plight of citizens.

I have a saying that I am not sure where it came from: 'keep on keeping on!"

In the news they spend very little, it is crazy to work a month and earn less than $ 10 but here we go little by little. Living one day at a time

We hear little in USA on Venezuela on the news. I have learned much more of what is going on and the conditions from those of you living it. I believe receiving the news this way is more truthful, because all of you are living through it.

All will be well soon . Namaste

That is great. Little girl, she have a bright future ahead

Yes it is grat. They are making steady progress on raising the necessary funds.

Little efforts from all of us can change the things :) so happy to see steemians coming together for a great cause

Thank you very much. yes it is grat seeing people coming together like this.

hopefully in the second month this will be a good thing in a resurrection

Thank you. I hope you are correct.

wishing best. hope one she recover this problems. thanks for update.

thanks for update. may allah bless him.

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Your welcome and thank you very much.

That is really splendid news. Although the gofundme has breached mid-goal, every little bit will surely help.
The post I made has 2 more days to payout. As of now the earnings stand at 4.18 SBD, 10.60 SP

Great to hear! You are correct every little bit will add up.

Very excellent this information, thanks for sharing it and thanks for your help ;-)

Your welcome, but all of you are doing much of the work and contributions!

Thank you sir @r2cornell for helping this innocent cute baby. I appreciate your great job. Almost half of the the fund has been managed and hope very soon the total fund will be managed.

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Yes let us hope the goal is ultimately reached. I even shared on my facebook page twice now.

Excellent work

Great news @r2cornell and also glad that more than half the money has already been collected for Ana. This instills confidence in the speedy recovery of the little girl!

Thank you for visiting. Yes I too am glad they have broken through the half way point on raising the needed funds.

Que gran labor! Dios lobendiga ,las cosas buenas merecen recompensas y Dios le premiara,hoy es Ana ,mañana puedo ser yo u otro ,saludos

Muchísimas gracias. Sí, cualquiera de nosotros podría terminar necesitado algún día.

Hi sir,
This is great support by you sir. You are doing wonderful work on this along side support to Venezuela as well. Kudos to you.

It is our duty to share a little happiness for ana, my prayers may go as expected.
Thanks you @r2cornell

this is the power of the community mate :)

So now you need a lot of money. How many days left to do his brain surgery.

God bless her

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