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RE: 3500 followers so a big THANK YOU! The Next Financial Crisis Will Be The Last at least large one in our lifetime...

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That is fantastic that you have reached 3500 followers! Congratulations on your milestone @greenman How does it feel to be free from FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn? I am considering the same. I appreciate all that you share with our #steemit community.


It feels liberating! Thanks. I was thinking of you yesterday. I need some art pieces for my new pad. I was thinking of those round geometric large circles you do. The ones around 1.5 feet in diameter. I saw a picture of it on Rosie. I need 3 of them shipped to Thailand and want to pay in steem or BTC. If you need to create them they will be going up on a wall in my bedroom with dark blue curtains and red bed spread with white walls. I will be overlapping them using foam mounts on the wall creating a 3D over lay. Can you tackle the mission?

Good for you!! Yes I would love to create 3 pieces for you @greenman. I have been making my round panels 12" & 24" in diameter. So would one of these sizes work? I can create new ones at 18" no problem. Yes BTC or steem would be great. I am wondering if there are any patterns that you are drawn to? You may see some examples of my recent work on my website I have been working with metallic paint and I believe that this will match most decor. Here are some examples of my recent work.

sacred geometry header-01.jpg

Great Art work

24" x 3 of them would work. I like your taste. I don't have any wood or browns in the room so would like to avoid too much of wood color in them. My curtains are royal blue and my bed cover is red with geometric circles embedded. I like the second picture above and want lots of bright colors matching my blue and red. Thanks in advance. Make them on light material as will be gluing to wall (its cement). Good luck have fun. I expect shipping to be a couple hundred USD and I will cover that but you may have to send it pre paid as they may not send collect. Let me know when you get a price and I will send you cryptos of some sort to cover.

The bed is so beautiful.

OK awesome!!!! thanks @greenman for this pic. I am already inspired and will begin the process when I get back to my studio in May

Hey @greenman. I got some round panels cut out of 1/2" thick birch plywood. They will each be about 4 pounds. Would this material be light enough? I am thinking in terms of durability for such a long journey. If this is too much, what might you suggest?

dudes time to remove your flags...this flag stuff is reducing investment and is a type of censorship.