a minute of joy for the perfectionists) 0))

in #life4 years ago (edited)

today I went to my favorite stationery store and there they made a permutation and everything was perfectly laid out on the shelves ...... I went about kidding for about an hour!)))) and at a lesson with a friend, ... if it's a bullet ..)












i don't understand how craft stores stay open. How do they compete with big box discount stores like Walmart, also millennialist don't seem like do it yourself kind of people. Can we expect places like this to close like Toysrus in the near future?

the store has a lot of sellers .. I think it's not so difficult ...

today is my birthday Is there anyone who honors me?

then happy birthday to you dear! Best wishes to you!)))))

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Sensory overload! Blip blop🤯

Every one good busy,your great post, i am interesting.

Excellent informative post. i like a lot. thanks for sharing your good post.

yes, not at all dear) always please) 0)) ha ha

colorful Shopping. very organized.

Oh yes)))))) thanks dear)))))))))

Interesting photos.

Thanks dear)))) love you))))

very nice shop..coloufull

Wow! There is alot to pick from. You must really had fun shopping.

I really had fun! ha ha! I'm happy !)))))

This kind of places are my favorite ones!

Oh and my too! Very good!)))))

arts and crafts are the way to chill good material cheers

yes yes)) completely agree))))

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