Creating the meaning of life!

in #lifelast month

Maybe it's the hardest question to answer, 'what is the meaning of life'.

Life is very different for all of us. There is no perfect answer to what life means. It depends on our perspective, what we believe, and how we want to be. But one thing we must agree that we can shape the meaning, we can create our own meaning of life.


Let's see what can help us to get a better understanding of the meaning of life!

Life will only become meaningful to any of us when we add love and compassion in it. Without these two, there will be no meaning. What a lost soul one would be if they don't love themselevs or others; if they are not kind to themselevs or towards others. When you think as a whole, that's when everything seems meaningful.

Another thing is our ability to think about the deep matters of life. It can be about spirituality, searching for answers to the very old questions about our existence, experiencing deep emotions, and every other related thing. When we start to connect all these thoughts together, we start to give a different meaning to life.

You can create your very meaning of life. It doesn't have to match others. Our social affiliation, belief, spirituality helps to shape our understanding of life. If you don't go down to find the answers then you may not create your true meaning of life and live on others.

If you never thought these ways, then don't rush to figure out everything at once. It's a gradual process. The more you will reconnect with your thoughts the better meaning you can create to live, to spread love, and show empathy. This is how you can make yourself and this world a better place!