NEWS | Governor of Aceh Cancel Review of Corruption Eradication Commission KPK

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Governor of Aceh is not active Irwandi Yusuf not be examined KPK in the case of alleged bribe allocation and distribution of Aceh Special Autonomy Fund (DOKA) Fiscal Year 2018 to the Government of Aceh Province.

Irwandi was seen entering KPK Kuningan Persada Building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/7) at 09.50 WIB. However, soon he came out again.


Before Irwandi, his close friend Steffy Burase came first because it was also scheduled to be checked.

According to KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah, Irwandi's examiner was canceled due to other witnesses and other suspects being examined.

"IY has not been examined because there are a number of witnesses and other suspects that are scheduled for inspection today.I planned to be examined tomorrow," he said when confirmed reporters.

Irwandi Yusuf and Bener Meriah Ahmadi Regent are determined by KPK as a suspect in a bribery case. In addition, two people from private parties, namely Hendri Yuzal and Syaiful Bahri are also designated as suspects.

Ahmadi allegedly gave a bribe of Rp 500 million from a commitment fee of Rp1, 5 billion or 10 percent to Irwandi to obtain ijon infrastructure projects that use the allocation of DOKA.

The KPK estimates that 8 percent is for some officials in the province, while 2 percent at the district level. Part of the Rp500 million bribes are expected to be used for the activities of Aceh Marathon 2018.




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