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Women are generally gentle, kind, compassionate, and violent. They prefer something that smells more romantic than the smell of violence. Unlike men, men are generally a tough and a little hard in the attitude of various things. Men prefer something that smells a challenge than romance.


Not all men are like that, and also not all women have a soft nature. In some countries like Germany, Canada, Irael, and Australia, women can be very strict, feared, dangerous, and even deadly. Yes, in the four countries there are troops involving women as a role in it, eligible and trained women who are able to join.

Generally cast members of an army are men or men. However, in some of these countries, women become the cast, and some even become the lead roles in the troops. For this reason the women are feared by many and even deadly for those who dare to fight the army.



Since 2001, Panzer State has allowed women to join the main combat unit of the German military Kommando Spezialkrafte. When the women qualify, they are allowed into the elite. The result was amazing, it only took 9 years, 800 soldiers passed the test and joined the combat unit, most of them joined the air force combat unit.


Israel, it is not surprising that the country always involves women in its military. Because since its establishment in 1948 has invited the women of this country to join the dimra. But not all positions are allowed, there are two unauthorized positions of fighter jets and special forces.


However, all restrictions were eventually lifted. Beginning in 1997 women were allowed into all positions in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Special women's team has been formed in a row of Israeli military elite squads. For example, unit 669, YABAN, and Oketz. The result, it turns out female personnel are more disciplined and have more ability above the average of the men when firing.


In 1989, women were allowed to join the combat division, except for submarine units. And in 2000 there were no more restrictions, in the end the women could have an important position in combat troops kanada. And there is one woman who is now a young admiral who leads the main warship of the British Commonwealth. There is also a woman who takes care of the men, which is the head of a special forces unit.


The Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) has 99 female members, and in 2006, gunfire with the Taliban, and a special female combat unit member was killed in the incident.


Since the 1980s, Australia has allowed women to enter and join combat units, however, women are prohibited from entering combat troop units such as infantry or tanks. Finally the ban was officially lifted in 2013, namely the Australian Faderal government. And now there are 60 women joining into combat units, while a third of them qualify and join the anti-terror special forces. namely 1st Commando Regiment.


Once recognized as one of the most efficient women's military units in the world, Australia's most contingent is placed in Afghanistan. It is estimated that 10% of Kangaroo State troops stationed in conflict areas with the Taliban are female units, compared to NATO and the United States, the Australian forces have more personnel.





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