#STEEMNEWS | Donald Trump Spread Threats at WTO

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President of the United States (US), #DonaldTrup incessantly make noise. Latest, Trump states a threat to the International Trade Organization (WTO) if it does not "treat the US well".

This statement was issued after the European Union announced a statement that the tariff policy of the automotive industry will only harm the US itself.


President #DonaldTrump promised to renew the US space program and launch a human delivery mission to Mars | DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

"The WTO has treated Americans very badly, I hope they change their ways," #Trump told the media as quoted by the Reuters website (5/7).

His comments came after the Axios news website reported that the Trump government had drafted a proposed law that would allow Trump to raise tariffs as desired and negotiate special rates with certain countries. These are two basic violations of the WTO rules.

"The US has big losses with the WTO and we do not plan anything now, but if they do not treat us right, we will do something," #Trump said, without giving a detailed explanation.

Last Monday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Trump was focused on improving the problem in global trade, rather than abandoning the WTO which was the basis of the postwar global trade system.

"Right now he wants to see the system improved, and that's what he's focused on doing, he has explained that he has concerns, that there are some aspects that he thinks are unfair." China and other countries have used the WTO for their own benefit. on system repair. "


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