The deepest river in the world

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If the Mariana Trench is the deepest sea in the world, well this one is the deepest river in the world. That earned the nickname Gates Of Hell or the Hell Gate of the local community. Its name is the Congo River located on the African continent.


The river that is crowned as the deepest in the world ever recorded to date it has a depth of 750 feet or 230 meters. This river is also the second longest river in Africa after the Nile and the longest ninth in the world with a length of 4,700 km.


For comparison also, this river also has a volume of water about one fifth of the world's largest river, the Amazon. It also makes it the third largest water volume in the world.

River flows come from two large lakes, namely Lake Mweru and Lake Tanganyika which then flows from the upstream of the waterfall, which branches into branches divided into many tributaries that branch.


The river formerly known as SUngai Zaire is mostly in Congo, but also across eastern Zambia, Central Africa, northern Angola, Cameroon and also Tanzania.

Together with the Amazon, the Congo River is also the world's two major rivers that flow through the equatorial zone with high rainfall year-round with the Congo basin which receives the most rain before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.



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