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How to Overcome Stress According Psychologist

Never underestimate stress. It can interfere with sleep patterns, trigger unhealthy habits and affect our mental well-being. I'm @razi04 want to split the solution.


When under stress, it is difficult to enjoy life. We might wake up at night because of a lot of thought. In addition, often experience unstable mood and health problems such as muscle aches, headaches, abdominal pain and constipation.
Every day, we are faced with constant stress such as congestion, work, children, relationships and financial problems. The result? Chemical causes of stress float in our bodies throughout the day.
If left unchecked, it could affect health. Stress has long been linked to health problems - from depression to heart disease.

Here's an easy solution for you :

• Spend time in nature

Forest bathing or shinrin yoku in Japanese means spending time in nature. Research from the University of Essex has shown that nature is one of the best ways to overcome bad mood. Some Japanese studies also found that walking in parks or forests has the benefit of relieving stress.

• Be grateful

Write down five things to be grateful for in a day to help us feel happier and sleep better. Do that when negative thoughts haunt.

• Listening to music

You may know that listening to music can change the mood quickly. According to a study in the United States, the key is to listen to the music we like. No need for classical music to relieve stress. So, turn on the music to make the blood flow smoothly - helping us relax more.

• Know when to be alone and accompanied

"Many people need their own time when under stress. For introverts, a peaceful night is important for relaxation. However, if you are an extrovert, you will get energy if you are close to other people. Alone just makes you more stress, "says Emma Kenny, a psychologist.

• Touch of lavender

The study, published in the journal Phytomedicine, found that lavender oil capsules are effective in overcoming anxiety. The effect is the same as anti-anxiety medication.

• Move

"Exercise is proven to relieve stress," Emma said. The chemicals released during stress are designed to encourage us to move. That way, the blood flow becomes more smoothly and make us relax. We can try jumping rope or hula hoop that can be done at home.

• Watch the drinks consumed

Very tempting to drink coffee when it's busy. Or escape to alcohol on a bad day. However, do you know? Caffeine can be restless. While alcohol makes you more anxious the next day. Instead, when stressed, try to sip herbal tea.

Here are some solutions we conclude to cope with stress, hopefully this is useful for you, as well as being your stress [email protected]


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