A Police Report - The Last of “More on German Curse Words!”

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Once again, proof that the Germans are more efficient than the Americans:

Yesterday we got a surprise letter from the German Police Department! Of course we were surprised. What American wouldn't be when dealing with (American) cops. Personalized service? Wow!

With the help of Google Translate we discovered the meaning of the opening page to the police report we filed against the German certificate researcher Doug hired to find his friend's birth certificate. Doug was reluctant to call the cops but the researcher had ignored all of my dear (though persistent) hubby's emails and had delayed working on finding our friend’s birth certificate for little over a month even though Doug already paid for it:

Please specify when answering:
File / Business Gazette
440 js 45494/17
Criminal proceedings against <(edacted)
because of fraud

Dear Mr. (Douglas),

In the above-mentioned procedure, I have the following decision by order of 27.12.2017:

The preliminary investigation will be conducted in accordance with § 170 Abs. 2 stpo set


The injured party is on 09.09.2017 and the injured (my dearest hubby) to complete a contract.

On the basis of the conflicting information provided by the participants, it is possible to determine at night how the process actually takes place and that with their information sufficient information about the actual situation could be given. It can be proved at night that the patient did not send the ordered document; There are no other objective means of proof, and there is no room for such an action in the case of an open-ended complaint.

Any entitlements under Swiss law will not be affected by this decision.

Complaints indoctrination:

They can appeal against this decision within 2 weeks after receipt of complaint to the Attorney General Műnchen.
The claim can also be lodged with the state government within this period.

Friendly greetings,

Signed Barchat

Public Prosecutor

Now Doug (almost) feels bad about calling them about this…

...and customs is of course still holding the birth certificate at the boarder.

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Read on at:

In Italy Germans are famous to be incredibly efficient!!

After this had already started I was told that in Germany people try to avoid getting the police attention even when they are right and they need help. In our case, the police were a huge help but the researcher has complained that she has gotten in serious trouble.

What is the relationship between civilians and police in Italy?

Civilians don't trust police, but police in certain areas (Naples, Sicily) is not very helpful neither.
We try to solve things without calling the police in general.

Thanks, That's so different than most people here in America and it's kind of amazing how different countries perceive the same situation considering that we are all such a mix of emigrants and immigrants.

Your posts are interesting and funny maybe when you post other interesting things you will succeed in steemit

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I wonder what the phrase "at night" could really be meant to say. That can't be the actual translation, surely? Are there any German speaking Steemians who could properly translate this? @reinhard-schmid, perhaps?

Come to think of it, steem powered translation services might be a good idea for Steemit.

So this adventure continues - sorry it's still tied up in customs!

This is the translation I cut and pasted straight from Google translator. I have to think that "at night" is maybe a common expression where the background of the term is probably lost to history. I doesn't seem real intuitive to me.

I try to keep too much (English) dual-meaning and coloquial like that out of my comments and posts because I like it when I can do a quick translate to understand other language posts (and so the reverse seems obvious) but sometimes these things just seep through. - a good example: "to pay attention to". I always wondered what that sounds like when literally translated word-for-word to another language.

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