Believe like a child...

in #life4 years ago


It always amazes me how much children believe in themselves. They believe they can do anything and nothing can stop them.

Something we loose as we grow older. It's understandable that certain things are just out of our reach, but it makes me sad how the believe in ourselves get lost.

We need to learn from the young ones and start believing more in ourselves.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend.


Children are just amazing.
There is a certain magic in the world
and in all things,
that can only be seen through childish eyes.

It is only by being more like a child,
that you can unleash your full potential.
That childish quality brings with it
a creativity that makes all things possible
and a focus on what will go right.

Through no fault of our own,
we have that thought out of us,
and as a result,
we will never touch our full potential,
until we embrace the child within.

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