Life is big magic

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Life is big magic and sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the wonder around each of us and focus on the heartbreak. It is my belief we must accept what we create in our world and grow from it.

Today I wake up to see the beautiful viola flowers we purchased yesterday at the plant nursery. Soon our front yard will be filled with flowers.

Photo of violas – flowers are uplifting

Sharing love is a part of life’s magic.

My neighbor’s dog passed away last year. She decides a cat would be nice since she is at work and not home to take care of a puppy. A young stray cat shows up and she takes it in. After all, the animal has the most beautiful eyes and fur. Some children call the feral cat Jenny once inside her house she quickly changes the name to Lenny for obvious reasons.

On a movie I remember a character saying, “Get a plant and if that lives then get a pet.” I realize why because both take care and patience, although my neighbor is taking on a lot with this cat. Love is worth it in the end.

I plan to keep my awareness on how magical the world is today.

Neville Goddard realized the power of the mind.

In his book, “The Power of Awareness”, Neville writes about there being only one substance in this world.

This substance is consciousness. It is your imagination, which forms this substance into concepts, which concepts are then manifested as conditions, circumstances and physical objects. This imagination made your world.

My friends, imagination attracted the cat into my neighbor’s life. My husband and I imagining our flower garden attracted the violas into our lives.

Your imagination is the only redemptive power.

As you may have gathered from my post today I am running interference in the things showing up the last couple of months in my life. I have not mentioned those as I chose to concentrate on the magic of life and share these thoughts this morning.

Thank you so much for making Steemit possible for me to share my thoughts with you.

Stay strong and Steem on!


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I believe and know a 100% that this is true, I just wish it would work for me...thanks

You are right. I see it working for you and me. Focus on what you want not what you do not want. That is the challenge.

I really agree with you. I think everything starts with a good mindset that is why we should try our best to become more positive. Life will always be magical. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and Have a great day ahead!

Thank you, my friend .. love your avatar as usual. My little guy opens my heart every day.

Howdy rebeccabe! I admire you for concentrating on the positive things and the great things that are coming!

howdy! Got to - getting around the hurdles tends to pull. Life is what we make it.

great to see you around town.

hwdy today rebeccabe! I love your attitude, we need more of that around here and in the world!

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We live in a magical world indeed. Small little things can make us so happy and full of wonder.

I soooo agree with you! I refuse to wake up in a negative spirit, because waking up happy with magic in my heart, makes my day start off right.

Hey... If I have to fake it until I feel it, I will. Honestly, 95% of the time, I'm feeling it.

So much, I want to share it with another. Who doesn't want to share those good feeling?I like your positivity! It is so refreshing!


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