When will it all end?

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“When will it all end?” The untimate search on the web.

The first link that pops up and I kid you not is *“Nasa Just Broke Down Exactly When The World Will End and We Are All [email protected] link proof that really happened, by the way, not worth the read.

The next link, of course, is Wikipedia
Which includes the dates for apocalyptic events. I really didn’t read this one because the only apocalyptic date for me is the date of my death.

So my next course of action is youtube, the same question and here is what I got. Really worth the listen.

Linkin Park –In the end

Turns out according to the song, in the end, it does not even matter.

I am thinking of a series about what happens after death and related subjects. We all have to make the journey but no one talks about it. This will be an interesting subject with many facets and I am not quite sure where it will take me.

If you oppose or are interested let me know.

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This post reminded me of my mother she always talks about the day she dies and what happened with her. At the end it is a journey that we will all undertake someday

My mother and I always talked about it. I do have some stories to tell she has since made the journey.

Although it seems a little weird, I think it's good to talk about that. Well, we're all going to go through that

Okay, I may see what happens.

I'm sure that now your mother is in a better place. I do not know why so many people do not like to talk about death is something natural ... Although I think we're never ready for when it comes.

I have always been thinking about death since I was like 6th grade. One of the closest uncle(brother of my father) passed away, we were standing in front of his body and I had no idea what happened. Until, he's buried and they told me I can no longer see him no more, and then I freaked out and started to think where does he go? Can he "survived" six feet under. Until today, I have been having the thought of dig "him" out of his grave and spend a fortune to clone him 😂

You must love your uncle very much.

In a way, yes. As a kid, I will only remember who buys me chocolate oftenly. I am sure my dad loves me more, but he's not buying me chocolate as much as my uncle do 😂

I even wrote a sci-fi story about clone, but in Chinese. Anyway, looking forward on your next story 🤗

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Your story sounds interesting perhaps one day you will translate it into English. Your uncle wanted to spoil you he loved you so much. :)

I like the way the death and the afterlife of a man is described in the Bardo Thodol.

oh yes, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. I don't know a lot about it but like some Buddhist teachings. Thans or your comment @behelen.

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Well done! I'm curious as to what NASA reported.

There are all kinds of info on the web about water under the surface of Mars. It is pretty interesting to be sure.tt

Howdy rebeccabe! I'm interested and think of it often, it's a great milestone in our existence and just the beginning of it actually, speaking of our physical death.