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Science Needs, Morality is necessary, It is Even More Necessary

In line with today's highly developed and up-to-date developments, there is little in common, morality and behavior and morals, so devastatingly distant from the hopes of human nature ever since they were born into this world. The human nature that is born in good condition does not necessarily guarantee that it will continue to be on the path of goodness, because in a mass there is when he will be eroded by the strong negative currents that bring him into the side that is no longer immoral even from the nature and the impression of good . Adab as well as morals that humans deviate from the truth can bring humans to destruction, be it the destruction of physics and even physical destruction. This is what makes the survival of human beings become disturbed even to the point of destruction.

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This has been proved by the histories of past civilizations, how the former peoples were destroyed by Allah SWT for disobeying and distorting them from the truth that has been revealed to their prophet and apostle in his day. The Prophet and the apostle were the figures of a real teacher who had lived in his own time. With the message of Allah (SWT) they bring, it is hoped that it can lead to a great change for the progress of morals and human civilization in terms of goodness.

The Sodom
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The destruction of a past civilization usually occurs because they disobey the teachings of the prophet and apostle who came to him. Not a few of them rebelled against the teachings of their prophets and apostles, this is triggered by the deterioration of morals and adab them on the teachings and treatises that have been delivered their prophets and apostles in their day. The decline of morals, the destruction of morals triggers many negative things that can make a people who had been a noble people become a people that slumped and bad. This is a great homework for a prophet and apostle as well as a teacher to make major changes to the adab and morals that were destroyed earlier.

Noah and His People
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Master is the First Path Toward the Change of a Civilized Civilization

Undoubtedly the responsibility of a teacher is so great on his shoulders. Starting from plotting a theory to the point of carrying out an action that can serve as a model example for the students and soial to lead to a more civilized civilization, this is an easy task. Because it could be at a time and a mass of a teacher gets saturated and indecisive in the process of making such a big change. Except for teachers who have the inner strength and the power of the spirit rooted in a strong body and soul. The need of a wise and wise teacher is a necessity and even becomes obligatory in the direction of a great civilization. Because with the existence of such human beings they are a great manifestation of good and moral immorality can be achieved.

The History Of The Rise Of Islam

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Big Thanks To Allah Subhanallahu Ta'ala

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