Quote Of The Day #7: Value

in #life2 years ago (edited)

What's the most important thing in life? What's that thing that gives us a note of victory?

Life will never be as easy as we want it to be, it won't be as smooth as we want it and, it certainly won't offer us success or peace of mind, on a platter of gold. However, the only thing that really matters is how we react to the processes of life. Whether we are extreme in our approach or calm, we'd always get what we want one way or another.

Just like the quote says " It's not about how far we go, or how extreme we are, but it's solely dependent on the things we value and the things we throw all our time into for." Value makes the difference, it shows a lot and over time it, basically tells you how much time and energy you throw into what you love and cherish, giving you that note of success.

Happy Weekday people!!

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