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For a few people, life does not stop, neither will it exist. Life will proceed in the pace of life, yet will work exceptionally well. In the event that somebody needs to leave, he should let them uninhibitedly, however in the event that you need to keep it, you will see a risk. The individual that needs to abandon you abandons you, obviously you are not deserving of him or he isn't deserving of you. Right now of leaving, family, social issues will be viewed as the primary concern that is Totali Bhata, the principle issue here is leaving. You may believe that you won't have the capacity to live without him, your life will quit, everything will get demolished. Trust that your life won't stop after you abandon, you won't have the capacity to lose, in a word you won't have anything. Perhaps it will be somewhat insecure for some time. Trust that you won't be excessively of anything, you will never need to play watercolor by holding your feet in the hands of the wellspring, and you will never need to hold up two minutes during the evening, in the twinkling of an eye, you will never wake the resting goddess, Never be found amidst the night with some espresso, it will never be found in the obscurity of the general population oblivious, it will never be a top choice. You won't see the room, you won't need to walk shoeless on wet grass, you will never observe eye to eye in the eyes, and you will never observe it in an amazing light, at times it won't come toward the beginning of the day that the voice will be heard early in the day, the face will be heard and the face Never eat cigarettes, don't eat, eat tea at his hand, never eat sustenance made of his hand, never will he get into a nose dim hair Do not ever need to hit the dance floor with the little world, so don't nibble it until kingdom come, never deprecate the adoration for the tummy bloom tubes, it will never be lowered by the nose, some of the time you will never stroll on a left way in the winter night, never eat a tea glass in a shop, it won't Never put a blade on his temple, it will never be found in the garden of tea cultivate, it will never be ocean side, it will never happen Do not see the night Ganges, don't eat frozen yogurt on the winter night, nor will you generally keep your submit the light of the lights, never have the capacity to recount the story amidst the strides, you will never observe the moon by dismissing the moon, you will never observe the darling's eyes, Trying to compose sonnet in an awful word, never will it not be right to pass the night in verse, it will never be the evening of pleasant tunes Do not be shocked when the call of Azan is flabbergasted when it is day break, it will never be found in the tissue of the dairy animals, never heading off to the grave, never going to carry on with an existence brimming with kill, some of the time amidst the numerous risks, from whom the psychological help isn't rationally finishing. As far back as the morning guideline, it will never end, it will never be a fantasy of a lovely life. That is this or a tad, perhaps "this cuckoo is calling you here, that is at 5 o'clock in the night, don't rest, you'll need to rise again toward the beginning of the day." There will be not any more such words. Trust me, your life will leave without him, however with him you will be lost from your fantasies. You can never observe a fantasy any more You should cross the existence like living dead body. Trust me, life will be gone immediately however life will be little to me. In the disappointment of satisfying the primary state of your affection, you should live with blame for your addressed love. For the individual A who have been found, following seven to eight years, quite possibly you won't have the capacity to shake your lips somewhere down in the onlooker, Believe that your life will be allowed to sit unbothered, you simply need to live with lament, some of the time you can not state "love you" by embracing in the chest.


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