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RE: Give Thanks for Thanks Giving!

in #life5 years ago

I leaned something and I see more of you every day.
I can tell you 5 things I am grateful for.

  1. My kids
    A huge resposibikity and a blessing to have. You cant just quit because you are tired. They have pushed me and given me more love than I can imagine!
  2. Being me
    I choose to finaly accept myself as me. Not worrying about who is thinking of what and what they are thinking of me. I was in my own world without knowing it. Now that i have gotten out of my head, I can truely see what is in front of me .
  3. The support.
    Its been tough living in the matrix and i have had more than enough help out here. I feel blessed
  4. Food.
    Yes I am greatful for food! I loooove food! And I am still planning on making that pumkin recepie you guys out on the @gardenofeden post. I am grwtaful to have a meal everyday and every night.
    5.Being alive.

I love you Sarah. Blessings !


I love you too, Rissa, and I'm so glad you're YOU!!! I'm grateful you're playing with me! You are wonderful, and I hope you find this inspiring to give thanks every day 💛

And I am grateful for Rissa!