Happy is simple #1. Together with @rizasukma.

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Hello, all... !!!
Hopefully always healthy and happy even though wherever you are. On this occasion I want to share some pictures about our happiness with all our friends.

A few days ago I was with friends browsing the river in a mountainous area that was not far from where we lived. Initially, we only planned to just eliminate the tiredness of our daily work routine. Here we can breathe fresh air while enjoying the natural beauty of the green forest.

In this trip we brought supplies in the form of rice, cooking utensils and tools to catch fish.

At first we thought that there were not many fish in this place, because the water discharge was very small and mossy. But some of us believe and continue to try to put up a net to confirm it. And apparently our efforts were not in vain, we got very many fish.


We are very grateful with a feeling of happiness, because we have never imagined this before. Then we cleaned the fish and immediately cooked them by the river. This is the most beautiful and truly happy thing.




For the eighth day we plan to repeat with a more mature plan and invite more friends to enjoy together happiness.

Thank you for visiting and don't forget to be happy.

All images are taken using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x smartphone camera.

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kisah yang sangat mengesankan,berkumpul bersama teman2 sambil menikmati kuah bandeng masak kuning,@rizasukma

Cooking in nature!! I love this.

That's great ... to fish, to stand in the middle of nature and eat what you've got.

Meuleumak Ngon ungkot paya Lom.. leumak mabok teuh kalinyoe

O mak, sedap x langsung diolah ikan segarnya bg 👍👍👍

Dimana tuh sungainya brow.?
Saya sangat tertarik menangkap ikan sungai terutama ikan hampala.

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