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Welcome to Wine country! Wine has such a long history in Hungary, it existed there before the area became a country over a thousand years ago. (There are records of Romans planting vines in the hungarian region as early as 5th century AD). Consequently, Hungarian name for wine (bor) is only 1 of 2 in Europe (greek being the other one) that does not derive its name from latin. Meaning we were making wine before arriving in Europe.

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My family has a vineyard in the Eger region (northwest Hungary). I am fortunate to help them during harvest sometimes.

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The plot is not super large, so all the work is done by family and friends. Everyone pitches in, young and old.

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The picking is obviously the hardest part, labor-wise. If we are lucky, we can pick all the white varietals in the same day, and all the red on the second day. It does come with a mandatory outdoor gulyás lunch however.

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After the picking, the grapes are packed into the press, which the family keeps on premises. It is kept close to the cellar for easy transportation into the barrels. Here you see a fully packed press with the juice already freely flowing out. about 2-3 of these will fill the large 500L barrel.

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Mashing and tasting the "grape must" is definitely the fun part.

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At this point we are drinking last years wine to help give us strength to mach this years wine :)
It all goes down to the cellar, hand mined into the earth many centuries ago, with plenty of natural mold on the wall. All this will help with the maturation of the wine. And of course, wine sipped straight from the barrel, drank at cellar temperature out of the summer heat, is the best wine of all.

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Finally, here is my stylized photo of the press being taken apart the next morning, after having extracted every last ml of juice. The press must be partially taken apart to get the skins out. This can be used for compost.

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Living the dream! I have friends who do similar things here in the States. I've only drank wine in Budapest - yet to make it to wine country there. Hoping Tokaj someday, they are Sonoma's sister city.

Are you familiar with Agoston Haraszthy? He's a Hungarian who is considered the father of the American wine industry. I live very close to the winery he started.

What wine varietals are you picking and growing?

p.s. cool Toy Dolls shirt!

you live close to Buena Vista? Ive been there! There is also a winery just called "Harasthy" in Napa but they dont have tastings unless you call and make an appointment.

I plan to grow Albarino and Pinot Noir here in California. Ive been talking to a winemaker in Paso Robles about the right varietals I can grow here. In Hungary my family grow Leanyka, which is a varietal only found in Hungary and Romania.

lol I picked up that shirt during a Toy Dolls concert in Pomona. those were the days...

by the way I have friends in the Tokaji region who are kind of like the ambassadors of that region, and they have been to Sonoma because of the whole sister city thing and did a tour. Its been a while since Ive been up there but I plan to go back soon.

oh wow, so this is the real oldschool way. hello fellow vine enthusiast! my dad also has a vinyard - in Balatonederics, Hungary - he built it in the last 9 years or so. He has all the high-tech equipment, which is great for the vine itself, but less fun to look at :)
the place is magical though


Wow that looks great! I havent explored the balaton region as much as I would like to. One day.

Nice article I have been trying to grow grapes for years and can't get a good tasting grape they are never sweet any advise?

not all grapes get sweet. If you want sweet wine you need to grow a variety like Muscat for example, and plant it in an area that gets plenty of summer sun, but also cool nights, and harvest it late, like in october, or even later if the conditions are right. In this way you dont need to "add" sugar, and the wine wont give you a headache when you drink it.

Ok thanks I will give e it a try.

What a cool post! Thanks for sharing! Now I really want to go to Hungary and make wine. Maybe I should add this to my bucket list! I never thought of Hungary as being wine country. Love it!

Thanks steem power for the reward

very informative one. i know hot wines are made now

I am fortunate to help them during harvest sometimes.

Fortunate to get free wine xD Good post, does your family ship the wine to europe, would love to try some...

sorry, we barely make enough to drink it in one year, before we have to work on the next harvest :)
But I can recommend plenty of good hungarian wine. Lately all the Tokaji furmint (dry white) harvests have been very popular.

Might give it a try... you can try my country wine too, "vinho do porto" xD almost everyone knows what vinho do porto, or porto's wine is

yes I do, and I love it!

Wow very nice and comfortable. I'd love to travel there.
Your post is amazing and good. Thank you
may I share your post again because I really like it.

of course! always.

c'est bien de faire les vendanges avec la famille et manger en plein air

Wow just super

Magnificent! I love Hungary so much

hermoso paisaje