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RE: Succes in life is easy and free, only if you'd know!

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Success is having health, not living in a very poor country, having people that love you and you in return, not valuing superficial things, and helping people who have less than you..................and if you're lucky , having a pet.


Hahah and having a pet ;) I surely agree on that. Btw on "not living in a poor country": I once saw a documentary about ( the happiest community on the world ) and they live in a poor country with little to nothing.

They just can't compare their own environment with ours so they just live in they happy bubble. They don't see them selves as poor cause they have no reference point for it.
They just have each other and great relationships and a healthy group feeling.

Was pretty interesting to see! Thanks for reading

Well said I agree with that money isn't everything and that you can be even happier with less and that in the richest countries the values are more superficial, but I also believe that in the poorest countries they need more basic and better infrastructure, hospital's, housing, education, drinking water etcetera, and by doing that I'm sure they would be even happier.

Un saludo amigo.

totally agree on that they need a better lifelyhood