Surviving The Soul Challenges...

in #life2 years ago

This one ain't gonna be everybody's cup of tea.

But, there are undoubtedly some here who will be able to relate quite intimately.

Whether it happens to us directly or those around us, entities are kind of a thing.

Forget the spiritual mumbo-jumbo. If you don't already have some comprehension of what "entities" means to you and the conventional definitions don't resonate, look at it differently - perhaps symbolically or metaphorically, as one way of translating the experience of certain forces at play in the dynamic of this larger hologenetic construct of life.

Some have called it all a grand battle between the forces of good and evil. Some, the light and the dark. But whatever you wanna call it, there are forces - or perhaps programs - unfolding in our collectively-hallucinated reality.

And bumping heads with the darker of those forces is a challenge.

This dude... Phil Good.

There's someone very close to me who's been going through some serious hell at work. And in the midst of the peak, this video pops up new in the notifications, calling out the dynamics so perfectly.

Thus, I share it here, knowing there is someone reading this who is in the midst of tough tests in life at the moment.

This video is for you...

And/or, if you know someone else going through a real tough time that's been being tested in their resolve over darker forces in their life lately, feel free to pass it on...

This one ain't for everybody. But for those who do resonate at this time, it's a gem.


Sir is a very good video, you said right that this video is for those who are going through these circumstances

Great video my friend thank you for sharing. That's always a good reminder hopefully we're all up to the test. Are you familiar with The writer there has huge amounts work on similar information and its very clearly presented as it was in Phil's video. Just in article form instead of video. Cheers brother.

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Never heard of it until now, shall put on the reading list... 🙏

This was beautiful and the guy is impressively woke. I have to check out his channel.

Yeah, he’s good. (pun intended.) :-)

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