The Heights Of Inspiration...

in #life2 years ago (edited)

Every so so often, there comes something that inspires in ways little else can...

Something which speaks to parts of us that we weren’t even aware of that have felt neglected, without such reminders...

Something that touches something deep inside our souls, serving as a beacon to course-correct when we’ve been living so far off the highest of our callings.

Sometimes it’s art, sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s nature, sometimes it’s merely a perspective someone shares in a passing remark.

Today, this was shared, I couldn’t resist feeling such a spark of inspiration - and paying it forward:

Sometimes we need a glimpse of what life could look like to provide the nudge to get us out of the intertia we’ve gotten stuck into on paths that don’t align with what we really want or need.

Sometimes we get so engrained in habit and forget to stop and consider we could change our lives to suit what truly fulfills us.

And then come these pieces of work, taking us back to the heights of inspiration, so we might remember...


This lady is awesome! Her story is awesome. Her art is beautiful. Her voice is divine!

Inspiring indeed! Nice find!!

We are all being motivated and inspired by different things. To some people it is music, not just music: not just any kind of music but a specific one, it could be Hip Hop, gospel music. A movie ,sometime, could serve as inspiration.

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