Alternative learning solutions in a pandemic

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The COVID 19 pandemic has an impact on all of us, including children. They no longer go to school because they keep from creating new clusters of the spread of this corona virus infection. It has been about six months since the children are learning at home using online methods.
However, the effectiveness of online learning is still very far from what was expected. There are so many problems that must be solved so that children's learning programs can run well. There are obstacles that still make learning a little more complicated using online systems.
As an alternative, of course we can understand that it is more risky to have face-to-face learning in large numbers.
For that, there needs to be an alternative solution so that it can continue to arouse children's learning enthusiasm.

Home visits per region

One thing that is worth doing is learning in groups. Groups were formed based on the students' origins. study groups can be made in an adjacent area. Learning is not carried out in school but takes turns from one student to another. Of course, everyone must pay attention to health protocols to prevent transmission of the corona virus such as wearing masks, washing hands, hand sanitizers, keep your distance and remain careful principles. This means that if there are cases of COVID from the nearest area, learning by home visit must be stopped.

Learn using the shift method

In areas with safe conditions, students can study at school by dividing into several shifts. The class can only be filled with a maximum of 50%. This will be a solution for children to keep going to school without too many children. If normally studying five or six days a week under current conditions students only attend two or three times a week while continuing to monitor the situation. Learning in schools must be more condensed so that students study a maximum of 4 hours a day. Students bring supplies from home and the school provides hygiene facilities such as soap and han sanytizer.

Online learning goes on

As an ongoing step, online learning still has to be continued. This is important to keep the child from feeling frozen and bored at home. It is hoped that online children will still get learning material and do not forget their position as a student with learning assignments.
Thus my writing this time, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.

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