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Hello lovely friends!
I once worked in a big city at a company with a salary that could meet the needs of my family. I feel that life in the city is very dynamic. We become so familiar with the city crowd and all the ins and outs of urban society.
After working for the company for 11 years I decided to retire. Actually the company asked me to keep working even though I had retired. however, I thought it would be better to retire and become an independent person.
I still remember that the income that I received in one year was more than 120 million rupiah. I also can still make money outside of working time at the office.
However, all of that does not necessarily make me calm. It turns out that income in a city with various conveniences is not always a factor that can calm everyone's mind. there is always the thought of being freer. I feel that I will be more free to organize myself if I don't work for other people.
Therefore, when I entered retirement, I immediately took this good opportunity. I returned to the village and started anew. A civilization far different from an urban society.
In this case, I was made aware of the need to rebuild progress in the village so that one day village and city life could be more equal and no one would urbanize in droves. I hope the urban civilization push will stop and the youths realize that living in the country is much better than going to the big city.
However, to change this mindset is very hard. It takes hard work from various parties to empower the potential of the village so that it will reduce the rate of urbanization.
There are still many who think that moving to the city can improve the quality of life rather than living in a small village. There are still people who wish to live in a city with all the proper facilities that are able to make them live properly and stay away from fighting with mud and soil, even though not that easy in fact.
In fact, moving to a big city that is busy and not matched by the skills you have mastered actually adds to the difficulty, you don't get a better quality of life.
As a result, the city becomes more densely populated and is potentially bad for migrants who don't prepare well.



Voting in the village

When I came home from the city and moved to the village, I felt very different. hustle and bustle life and city dynamics are greatly reduced. I feel much calmer.
I realized that living in the countryside has become more enjoyable and more quality. all of this must be based on positive thinking and activities that are not monotonous. My opinion does not mean staying away from cities and or comparing the two. what I want to convey is an understanding of the urban nature that can not always make you more comfortable and truly live.

There are many factors that make living in a village the right choice.

1. The cost of living is cheaper

The first time I felt living in the village was the cost of living that was very different. The need for clothing, food and shelter in villages is much cheaper. In urban areas, the cost of living necessities tends to be more expensive, in fact, we can understand it because all the necessities in the city are no longer available in the environment for free (for example water, vegetables, side dishes and so on) not to mention the added lifestyle of clothing and boards that tend to be hedonistic. .
In the village there are still many basic needs that are easily found around the house. In addition, the people's simple lifestyle makes living costs easier and cheaper. So that even though they live on a mediocre income, villagers can live in peace and quiet.

2. Life opportunities are easier

The countryside provides opportunities for us to be more creative. Various needs and living facilities that can be taken from nature. this makes the chances of survival in rural areas much higher than in cities. Everything we need to survive from food, shelter and also water can be easily found as long as we want to live simply. As long as we are willing and not ashamed and feel that we have high prestige and are willing to learn, surely we can get a decent life in the countryside.

3. Much more can be done

Creativity in the village will give us more activities to do. Various things that we need are widely available in nature around us. If we try to think creatively, there will definitely be a lot of things we can make as a source of livelihood. Moreover, when we live in a village, there are many things that are not used, such as organic, inorganic or empty land that can be used for creativity.
Currently, there are many innovations that might be replicated to improve the standard of living of the villagers. We can learn from other people or just by following the instructions on YouTube, or other social media we will be more creative. As long as we can think creatively and are willing to try, everything that is not used will definitely benefit others. latest news

4. A healthier lifestyle

The environment in the village is much healthier than in the city. Nature is still beautiful, green and full of hospitality to make us healthier. The fresh air and beautiful natural conditions make the quality of the living environment in the village healthier.
The activities of the villagers in making a living that require heavy physical effort, make their bodies have to keep moving and produce sweat which is useful for detoxifying the body against the toxins that settle. Like today during the COVID 19 pandemic, we live in the village well. We went to the rice fields to take care of the plants and didn't get sick.
In addition, the large number of organic foods available from nature will be very beneficial for the body's resistance to all diseases that come from outside. When the body works under direct sunlight and is supported by good air quality and balanced nutritional intake, naturally the cells in the body will regenerate quickly and at the same time strengthen the immune system of rural communities. Therefore, it is not surprising that we encounter many villagers who have a long life and remain strong even in their old age.

5. More relatives

While in the village I got to know my neighbors better. The night watch made us meet other residents. this builds our friendship spirit. This also makes the villagers more have the spirit of solidarity and social care for others.
This is because social norms are more applicable, making citizens always harmonious to help others. If a sense of caring is possessed and the spirit of mutual cooperation is engraved, then each citizen will feel like a brother. This can be seen when a villager is having a wedding or circumcision, other residents will automatically help carry out the celebration until it is finished in an orderly and calm manner.

6. It is more psychologically calming

Living in the village of our minds is much calmer. The simplicity of life, the availability of natural facilities and also social norms that are still running optimally make living in the countryside very comfortable. Beautiful natural conditions and friendly associations make a person's psychological condition calmer and more peaceful.
This psychological condition makes living in rural areas a better quality of life than urban residents. In fact, we often encounter city people who choose to vacation in the village just to unwind and also stress due to the daily busyness of living in cities.
These are some of the things I would like to write about after moving to the village and no longer working for a company in the city.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.