In vino veritas?

in #life4 years ago

Yesterday an unexpected question from her daughter:

—Dad, why Latin is the aphorism, where the latter is true of wine?
—What? - totally taken aback.

And for some reason did not remember a popular expression in Latin, but semantically synonymous Greek: - Ahhh, you're talking about "Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθεια "?

Daughter always is the case. Sly loves to puzzle, check out dad in erudition. Because periplous sometimes, looking for the third floor.

—No, I'm talking about "In vino veritas".
—What's the problem?
—Guilt is the ultimate truth, right? Helps you understand the truth?(in Russian the words wine and guilt in tune)— Guilt in Latin is "Kulpa," on the autopilot POPs out of me. —A truth in wine as a drink. Well, some think so.
—Yeah? Are you sure? A pity,—sighs daughter.—Wine makes no sense...

Growing a new generation of guilty?

Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa...

Or not mine?


Где же я уже это видела, а?

Да в общем вы оба правы или не)))

Ничо себе: вы и латынь, и др.греческий знаете?

Не то слово)
Меня проколбасило: это ж нада так знать!
Мож, врёт человек?

канешна вру)
гугл наше всё!

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