5 Keys to Being a Good Boss

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Here is a little bit about myself to validate how I have come up with these Five Keys to being a good boss.

At the age of 17 I joined the United States Navy where I oversaw radio telecommunications and the ships computer network. Soon after joining the Navy and completing my training I was placed onto a ship that did not have a decent size crew so as an E3 I was the most senior person in my shop. For 9 years I managed many different forms of people and resources while in the Navy. After the Navy I worked as an administrator for a construction company. I would be the superintendent of personnel and overall scheduling. After doing that for two years I decided that I no longer wanted to live on the road and out of hotels/motels. Now I am a Network Administrator for the local school district. Dedication.jpg

While working at my job I have been placed under a new manager. He is older than me however lacks the experience of dealing with people as the boss. He states that he ran a crew of 3 while working in a computer repair store. These would be my five key pieces of advice to help his employee retention and productivity.


#1 Remember that employees are people. They have different personalities and attributes that make them who they are. For instance, you would not want to belittle someone who has low self-confidence or authority issues. Remember that persons buttons that you have decided to push can push back and if pushed hard enough will retaliate.

#2 You do not own the employee. As an employer/boss you do not own the person you employ/manage you are simply the person that gives them direction and training on how to complete their job.

#3 Keep your opinion on anything other than the job to yourself. As the boss your comments about politics/religion and other things can be taken the wrong way. To avoid conflict or ill feeling between your employees and yourself keep those things to yourself. If it does not directly affect the performance of the job or task at hand hold your words for your friends.
#4 Praise in public scold in private. This is something that I learned as a young Petty Officer. You do not want to reprimand your personnel if front of other people. Whether it is something that needs to be addressed to all of your employees or not. However, praise employees for their outstanding deeds and good work ethic during public/company events. This creates a sense of pride in the accomplishments and lets the employee know that what the do is noticed.

#5 Never belittle or undermined your employee. If an employee has completed a task and you are not satisfied with the results explain to that employee in private how he or she could have done the job to a higher standard. Keeping in mind that making your employee feel useless is not good for productivity.

When it comes down to it just remember the golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated.



Awesome piece.

Well said! It does all boil down to... do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Great post... so many wise words of leadership.

Thank you. I try very hard to set an example.