Champion Life in Chittagong's traditional Jabbar Bali play

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Till now, the champion of Shahjalal Bali of Comilla has snatched the title Tariqul Islam Life. Fighting for about 20 minutes continuously defeats Shahjalal life

Traditional Abdul Jabbar's 109th Ball game (Wrestling Competition) began on Wednesday at Laldighi ground in Chittagong.

In this year's competition, 102 contestants from different regions of the country took part. Chittagong City Corporation mayor AHM Nasir Uddin inaugurated the final battle with a balloon in front of 4pm.

Mayor traditions tell different initiatives to spread the game further in the future. He said that from this year a training academy will be established to build sacrifice. The mayor himself will be fully cooperative.

Acting commissioner of Chittagong Metropolitan Police Masudul Hasan, Banglalink Officer Soumen Mitra, Shawkat Anwar Badal, grandson of late Abdul Jabbar, Commissioner Zahurul Haq Hazari and others were present in the program.

In the competition, four referees headed by former Commissioner Abdul Malek performed responsibilities. Earlier, ignoring thousands of Baishakh's sacrifices, thousands of people took shelter in the Laldighi field.

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