Girls and girls be careful!

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Simi (pseudonym). Age eleven Classes fall in the future. Lengthy. Fair The majestic loveliness loses its face in the face. But a little bit scared. Of course, this old child is like this. They fly around like a butterfly fly all the time. Seeing everything in the heart of excitement Eyes bigger Want to know life, wants to taste Seeing SIMI, it seems like a pompous pandemonium is coming. Stretching hands Lock lock Looks good

Suddenly the pain of Simi's stomach. Uthal Pathal Do not understand Simi's mother, what is the cause of pain? Look for the source of pain and put your hand on the stomach; Quite big Mother's arms are trembling at the feet! Tumor? The anxiety line covers the mother's forehead. But Simi does not seem to have enough sense of intelligence. He is just screaming for a while after 'pain, oh pain'. And the stomach is clanging. In fact, Simi is in a hug, but there are only little in conduct. Baby is Menstruation is not yet.
Simi's body was not good for a long time. If you notice, it can be understood that he is going to be a little bit as if it is going to be a little bit. The mother did not pay much attention to the changing ages of age. Meanwhile, Simi's pain is not decreasing. Doctor Madam threw his forehead with his hand. Think of what a little thought. Just the moment After that, said the ultrasound. Argent! Ultrasonography is done. See the report is a rash! Do not tummy on the stomach. Baby! Thirty weeks!

Another baby in the baby's belly! God, what else to look for in Calcutta!

The sky was broken by the mother of Simi's mother. The bottom of the foot moves apart. All becomes dark. As a colorful colorful film was sunk in black ink. The niches drowned in black darkness, the future of society. Everything. My big defeat! Who did?

Sameer's mother's voice drops like a cry. He does not think, a child without menstruation? What about Her head becomes ola jhola. Breathe off. The blade of the wind blows out for a drop of air. It seems that chest breach will explode.

Thinking in mind, Lord, so great punishment you did not give my daughter to Parta. My sin ... can not finish the tone of tears.

A child of ten-eleven years. Pregnant! That's how it is. It's a medico-legal case. The police have to inform. One stop service center was admitted. Dr. Syedi is taking the history of the country's best medical college as OCC Center Attending Doctor. Namaha (pseudonym). Come to the reader, we also listen to their conversations

Simi is not afraid. Sit down Listen, listen carefully.

Talks about sympathy, Dr. Madam. But SIMI does not listen to anything. He is a little confused and thinks. Standing there. Feeling a little hesitant. Mom put his hand on his shoulders Give a lecture. Simi seems to have a little confidence. Gently sit Her mother sat next to the side. Keep a little distance.
How much is your age?

: Ten. But here's eleven. Mother said to give.

Demonstrate child-friendly behavior Diet girl! Elderly children are trapped in greed?

: Is your monthly?

I do not know who SIMI is monthly. His mother answers, 'No. Have never been Madam is not too old. This is my daughter. Simeira's mother, because of the eyes

: Who's in your house?

: I, mother and brother. Daddy is living abroad. Occasionally the natives came to Uncle. The mother felt embarrassed to pronounce the names of the prophets. Do not think that the names of the Prophet's name should not come.

: Who is the ugly uncle? When did you come?

: Nabid Uncle lives on the top floor of our house. Mother came to her house. Show study. Tales of the story, with everyone. Simi's mother saved her life.

'Navid sees my children like their own child, Madam.' Said Simi's mother

: More?

Simi does not answer. Keep quiet. But in the mind of the mind, 'When the mother is in the office. Brother in school Then someone came. Noon. Regular. If the mother listens, then surely cry out. Maybe the shackles will go away. Bakera does not want to shock.

Do not you go to school?

: Anyway My school is over in Barota. Then I live in the house.

: Then?

: Simi is absolutely silent


alltime girls try to be careful in everywhere. some of are diffrent

right female should maintain his own basic behave

The woman inside the screen is beautiful or beautiful in her character and she reveals it

Our country is very meaningful girl work..

yes it is real post. but not everyone use burqa. our good life for necessary.

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In fact, these things should be aware of this kind of thing in our country, but it is with those who do not have obscenity, who do not have your opinion about who walks well

The burqa shows the body

Masked people are they robbers or women

It's really sad for that girl and for her parents and family Despite the fact that the girl is a young man, all these things have to be preoccupied. To prevent these incidents, everyone must be aware of and must perform duties to prevent all these things.

I did not understand what I wanted to write

Thanks, I have no problem

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