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RE: What Have I Just Done? Why Did My Health Insurance Want My Blood!

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Hi @ptmikesteem, it is scary in this day and age with the health insurance companies. My husband gets his screening and physical every year for the discount. Hopefully, the insurance company is just trying to find problems early if they are present to help you be healthier.

I resteemed your post and upvoted it. You brought up great points and I really liked your post. Shared on twitter, too~!

My health is not good at all, so I have no way to hide from the insurance companies even if I wanted to. I had a terrible bone infection (osteo myelitis) a few years ago. That was life threatening, and after a few weeks in the hospital, they did a partial amputation on my toe. Then in December I had open heart surgery. They know me inside and out.

Nice to know you on steemit!!


Thank you for upvoting and resteeming my post. I am sorry to hear about your health. you have been through a lot. I hope your health improves and things get better for you.