Question our life .. Why do we get the opposite of what we want ?

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Question our life .. Why do we get the opposite of what we want ??

In the book of the power of the subconscious of Dr. Joseph Murphy, I found this law: the law of inverse effort, when your desires and imagination are contrary, your imagination earns today without controversy, what is the meaning of this speech?
Give a simple example to illustrate the law more
If you are asked to walk on a board of wood length of 10 meters and width of 5 meters on the ground, no doubt you will pass it without any problems, because your desire to pass does not conflict with your imagination, your imagination as long as the board on the ground does not represent any possibility of falling
Now assume that this board is raised at a height of 20 feet in the air between two high buildings can you walk on it? I do not think why? Although the same board is the same length and width.
If you want to walk on it, your imagination may fall. In the same way that I imagined because it was already practiced in the unconscious who manages 90% of your behavior.

What do we benefit from that rule ???
I think the picture is beginning to clear, we all have the desire to succeed, but we do not succeed. Why?
Because the image of failure dominates our imagination ...

The rule says: Do not try to force the subconscious to accept the idea of ​​exercising power
Will, you'll get the opposite of what you want