Changing Your Approach

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The only thing that may remain constant in the life of an individual is their goals or ambitions but not their approach. When you have your goals in view, the plans and approaches you put into it matters a lot to the success or lack of it. This is why you should not straitjacket yourself into one particular approach. The world is dynamic and so should your plans and approaches towards life and towards the pursuit of your goals and ambitions.

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Having only a "plan A" has already limited your options and choices. Okay the question is "what if that particular plan you have fails, what other secondary plans have you put in place to cushion the effect of the failed plan?". Well, this is the reason there is plan B.

The thing is; your initial plan may be subject to external influences like times and seasons. If it fails, you have two quick options to choose from in order to make a headway: You either improve on the plans or chart an entirely new plan. Here is the simple reason for this statement: You cannot continue to repeat an old format of doing things or sticking with an old plan and expecting a different result. Different results come almost always in response to new approach or new plans.

There are many routes to access your destination. Yes, the goal may be constant, no doubt, but the approach, the plans and the formats should be dynamic. Dynamism simply suggests the continual change in approach. In a world that is ever changing, dynamism of approach is the answer to keep afloat with it.

In every field of human endeavour, if there is no upgrade from time to time, obsoletion will set in. Take the field of medicine for example, imagine if surgeries are still carried out with the 17th century style of using chloroform as anaesthesia, how will the field of medicine look like now? This is just to let you know that approaches need to be upgraded and updated for the goals to remain relevant.

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Whenever you feel that a particular approach is not delivering as it should, then it is an imminent call for improvement. As a matter of fact, our prove of existence is embedded in one word, which is "change". You either change your approach or life changes your relevancy to obsoletion. The choice is entirely yours.

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