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If you look for reasons to be grateful, you will see many of them. If you also look for reason to complain, you will still see many of them. The only thing that influences your perception is your choice to either focus on the bright side of life or on the dark side. Everyday you live, there will definitely be an added benefit that you can count as blessing only if you can think well.

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The same route you pass through everyday, some people actually passed through it just once and never returned. If that does not count as a daily load of blessing, what does it count as? What you are now enjoying today, if you take a look at the recent past, you will realize that it formed part of your prayer points. If you can only think well, you will not have any problem pointing out numerous blessings you have.

The position you are now, even though you may not fancy the position but you will be surprised to know that many people are praying to be in similar position. Okay take a lot at this scenario: A college graduate may be complaining of lack of job but will be too quick to forget that many others are on the streets with no hope of going to school.

At every point in your life, without recourse to what you think is not working, there must be at least one thing that you can count as a blessing. You may not have achieved all you have initially planned to achieve but you have bagged in some levels of achievement.

You may not have gotten everything you have asked for but it should not becloud your senses from seeing the fact that there are many other things you did not asked for (or did not know they were needs) but you received them. Even some disappointments can have some elements of blessings in them.

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A friend of mine shared his experience with me. On a particular morning, he set out for work. On the way, he had a noise under his car and he decided to park to check it up. When he got out of the vehicle to check what is happening, an incoming vehicle splashed water on his white shirt. He had to rushed back home to change his shirt.

By the time he was done, he was already going to work late and was sad that he was going to be fined or queried. However, by the time he got to the office, he discovered that there was an armed robbery attack earlier. He was the vault key custodian. If he was around, they would have made it to the vault or they might have hurt him if he refused. For everything that happens, look beyond them and just focus on the blessings in them.

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