Dreams, Goals And Costs

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Dreams are always free, at least everyone has the ability to dream as big as they can. However, goals always come with prices to pay and that is what validates and gives credence to someone's dreams. For your dreams to find expression, you have to set goals with timeframe to achieve them and then start from where you are. Dreams require just your mind but going after your goals will require more than just your mind. You will need your physical energy, and in most cases, material input.

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You may have an exceedingly large dream that may even scare you but until you take the first step towards it, it will just remain as a dream. Dreams only have the ability to spur you to action but not to fulfil themselves. There are things that need to be done by you in the right way and at the right time in order for the dreams to become a reality. The bridge between dreams and actuality is called "goal".

At a point, your goals will require that you move out from your comfort zone and put in extra efforts to see extra results. This is why you cannot separate sacrifices from goals, they work together. The many great names we hear today in virtually everyone field have, at some points, put in sacrifices in the pursuit of their goals.

I read about the most decorated and fastest runner that has ever graced the Olympics, Usain Bolt. The athlete had months and miles to train just for a 100metre race. No wonder his performance was never short of "wow". Goals are not achieved by just thinking about it, but complementary work must be put into it. If Usain Bolt had only dreamt about the Olympics gold medal without subjecting himself to training, he would have been like every other athlete.

The dreams you think are exclusively preserved of you, you will be surprised how others are already dreaming bigger than it. The only thing that makes the difference is when you have set yours as a goal and start putting in works towards its realization. This is why it has been said that successes do not only answer to theory but there is a place for practical.

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The world is already becoming so competitive that ideas keep rolling out day by day. To move with the trend, you need to keep updating yourself with new ideas but much more than that, you have to try to work on your dreams and ideas. Make something tangible from them and you will remain relevant.

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