Giving Expression To The Abilities In You

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More often than not, people's major fear does not lie in the thoughts of being inadequate but in the fact that we are too powerful and have immense abilities beyond our imaginations. Whatever that is required to have breakthrough in life has been deposited inside everyone but the onus lies on them to give expression to that ability. No matter the potency of a seed, it cannot turn to a fruit until it is sown.

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The major undoing of many is think that the abilities within them is to be used to compete against someone else to prove who is better, and because of this, they will live their whole life in competition; not to beat their own best but to outperform someone else. The yardstick to measure success is not based on how many people's positions you were able to beat but how many of your own best you have improved on and how they have impacted positively to others.

After you have lived, no one will remember you for taking first position in primary or secondary school but how your light has lightened the paths of others and how many lives you have given positivity to. If everything you seek for is just to fulfil your own personal desires, then you are not relevant.

The human mind has an almost limitless abilities to create and recreate but you have the absolute prerogative to direct your mind and your thoughts aright. The Wright brothers that are credited for the invention of heavier-than-air flying machines (airplanes) used to work as bicycle repairmen but they had it within them to move a step further. They had to put their minds to work and that was how the idea of airplane was birthday - just to prove to you that the human mind is capable of conceiving just anything.

Each time you see an amazing invention or discovery, it is a pointer to the fact that you too can conceive amazing ideas only if you can put your mind to it. After all, many great accomplishments we see now started as insanely weird and seemingly undoable ideas.

A good idea can be likened to a viable seed which if it is sown on a good ground and nurtured, it will turn to a tree and produce fruits. The abilities within you are so limitless that you do not need to posses extra-human or some mutant abilities to perform amazing feats.

Image from Pixabay

Whatever you put your mind to do, believe it is doable and believe you can achieve it and naturally, the required energy will surge up within you to pursue after that idea and before you know it, what was formally an idea will turn to an accomplishment.

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Peace on y'all

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