Heart Of Goodness Towards Humanity

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It surprises me when people will go to big shopping mall and buy things and even tip the cashier with their balance but when they go to buy from roadside hawkers that are trying to make ends meet, they will begin to bargain unbelievably. One thing with goodness is, if you are only good to a selected few, like your bosses, your family, etc but you are not good to your gateman's child or your nanny, then you are not good.

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We are humans first before we became any other thing, so we should not let our humanity to be hampered by the pursuit of other things. Goodness should be to all because that is what our humanity suggests and that is why we are humans in the first place. You do not need more encouragement to do good than knowing that every act of goodness done is like a seed you sow and you hope to reap from it in the not-so-far future.

The world moves in a very unpredictable manner and so is tomorrow. The person you do good to today may be the same person to save you tomorrow. In the same way, the person you treat with cruelty today, you may need them tomorrow as the bridge to access your next level, so tell me how they will help you?

You do not do good because the person you want to do it to deserves it nor because the world deserves it but because you need to be better than the rest of the world. If you follow the cruelty in the world and reciprocate with another cruelty, then you are not different from them.

In the midst of gross darkness, you do not provide the solution by introducing more darkness but by bringing in light. In the same way, in world filled with gross cruelty, you need to introduce goodness to solve the problems. The tiniest light you bring into darkness will go a long way to create a positive effect. Similarly, the goodness you do to people in their desperate times can go a very long way to lift their spirit because it may be the only hope left for them.

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No matter what someone has done to you in the time past, you should not allow it to affect your acts of goodness. No matter how bad a bee stings its owner, he does not set out to destroy the bee hive because there is still honey in the hive. There is still a measure of goodness in you, you should always try to give it expression.

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Peace on y'all


in other words, karma is a bitch.

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