Mission And Motion

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If there is nothing to spur you to action, you may remain in your state of dormancy. If there is nothing to stand for or nothing to look forward to, you may fall for anything. This is the reason there must be a mission in order for a motion to be initiated. When you have a sense of mission, then the energy for accomplishment will be released within you and you will have a sense of motion.

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Anyone traveling, for example, must have the knowledge of his destination, this will enable them to channel their course aright and know when they get to their destination. Believe me, without the exact knowledge of your proposed destination, any place will look like it and you may end up confused.

Without having a dream, there will be nothing to move you to action and there will be nothing to fulfil and you may just end up existing in nature without truly living. Approaches may vary, patterns may be dissimilar, formats may be different but one thing is constant within you and that is your dream.

Any civil engineer that wants to construct a structure will first have a paper work and architectural plan for the work. This will point him to the proposed result and will lead him to the right direction to getting it done. Without having a plan and just jumping in to fix up a structure, it may end up in futility.

The idea in your mind is just like the details of the architectural design that will point the civil engineer towards building the desired structure. Your ideas are there to give credence to your dreams. If you have a sense of mission, you will not be distracted by the things that are not in line with your dreams - you only gain the sense of motion to pursue after your dreams.

You motion and your sense of mission are mutually inclusive. That is; it takes the occurrence of one to have the occurrence of the other. Whatever you do in life, one thing should keep you focus and that thing is the knowledge of your destination. Many places may look like your destination but if it is not it, then do not make it your destination.

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You are the only one that has the clearest picture of your ambition, so do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. They may help you to achieve it but the whole responsibility rests on your shoulders to create your dreams yourself.

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Peace on y'all

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