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No lasting success is ever achieved without the person putting in efforts. If you must succeed at something, or to change the trend of happenings or effect a new change, then you must take on the spirit of "never quitting" and that is perseverance. While you are enroute to the journey of success, many challenges and oppositions will rise to deter your movement and to discourage you but if you refuse to quit, then there is hope of hitting the success.

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Success does not mean that the person have not failed before in their life, it only means that the person was able to rise up again. Points will come in your quest for success when you will feel almost discouraged by the way things play out but that is the point you need to focus more and but determined to succeed. Success, as well as other good things, are not delivered on golden platters.

If you allow your situation to discourage you from trying again after failing an attempt, that you have automatically excluded yourself from success. No matter the number of times you have failed, it should not be an enough excuses not to try again. Success demands that you should be more powerful than your strongest excuse.

Success and failures are both products of choices (these choices include actions, reactions and even inactions). For each choice you make, you should be willing to accept the results from them. Obviously, the only place you have power to determine is the choice of actions but the results that come from them is beyond your determination.

The night gets darker and loneliest when the dawn is almost approaching. In the same way, the tougher and rougher your situation, the better pointer to the fact that you are approaching your breakthrough. This should serve as a source of perseverance and release more energy within you to keep going.

Most times, the opposition you face are only there because they fear your success and they are afraid of the abilities within you. The greatest challenge many people have is not that their challenges are stronger than them but that they do not know the amount of strength that lies within them. The truth is:

You are powerful beyond measure

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The only way to keep going is to zero all your options on going forward without a recourse to any opposition. Remember this, if you cannot stand up to confront a challenge, then the challenge will not only persist but will gain mastery over you and you will become weakened.

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