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Whatever anyone does or does not do is a result of their choice. Without a recourse to any situation or anyone, your actions and inactions are purely choices you have given to yourself. This is the reason we should bear the absolute responsibility for the results of our actions and inactions. The truth is, you have the choice of how to act and not to act but you do not have the choice of what the outcome of your actions will be.

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Everyone has been given the power of choice (at least to some degrees) but not the power to dictate the consequences of their choices. How you use your choice is entirely up to you but one thing is needful, be ready to bear the consequences. The things that happen in life happen majorly in response to the choices we have make. This is why it has been said that the choices of yesterday are what give rise to the results of today.

In the same way, the choices of today will go a long way to influence the results of tomorrow. A wrong choice that someone makes may change the entire course of their existence, so we should be cautious of the choices we make. Choices are like seeds, you cannot sow them without expecting to reap returns later. In the same way, you cannot act and not expect the consequences of your actions to come.

For every choice you want to make and for every action you want to take, first ask yourself how prepared you are to bear the results that will come from such choices. If you will be happy to welcome the results of the choices, then you can go ahead and make the choice; if not, then you have to reconsider the choices.

Most choices, when they have been taken, cannot be undone. No doubt, you may not be able to undo the wrong choices you made yesterday that has affected you negatively but you can make a right choice today that will affect your life positively tomorrow.

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If wrong choices can chart wrong course of actions for people, then right choices can as well chart right course of actions for people. The choice entirely lies in your hands but not the results. You will agree with me that a maize seed when planted cannot produce a millet fruit even though they may look similar. In the same way, if you make the wrong choice or sow wrong actions, do not expect the right results and vice versa.

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