Success; A Journey, Not A Destination

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There are many people that started on a very good note but over time, there names vanished from the sands of time simply because they did not build on their success. Success is not meant to be a one-time or once-and-for-all thing. You will be surprised to know that there are many things that were regarded as "successful" in the recent past but are not even anywhere near the front door today.

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Your success should not be defined by the standards of someone else because you are not competing against them. The very simple definition of success is to improve on your own personal best. If the success you are still celebrating today is the one you got many years back, then your success is very questionable. People do change, situations do change and so should your success improve.

If you compete against someone and beat them but you did not beat your own personal best, then it may not count. This is because you may have just competed against their weakness with your strength and have just beaten their weakest point but not their strength, so tell me how that will count as success. Success should be an act and a continuous effort to keep improving and getting better.

I gave an example with this scenario sometimes ago and I will drop it again here. Imagine if someone graduated from primary school with the best result in the state and probably in the nation, the person will be celebrated right? Obviously that will count as success. However, imagine after ten years and the person has not moved passed primary school certification and has not even gotten into secondary school, will the success of the primary school still be celebrated?

The above scenario should make you to realize that the whole world is already moving at an insane speed and to keep up with your relevance, you should keep improving on yourself. Maybe people need to know that some successes have timeframe attached to them, after which they will become "as normal" if not upgraded.

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Now look at this: A few decades back, knowing how to use the manual typewriter was regarded as a mind-blowing feat but in this present time of amazing technological and computational advancement, no one will add "knowledge of typewriter" to their CV because there are cray supercomputers that have sufficed.

If you refuse to improve yourself, you will be surprised how replaceable you will become and your relevance will decrease drastically. To keep afloat, you have to keep adding the "extra" effort to what others call "ordinary" and you will be surprised at the "extraordinary" achievement you will produce - that is what success means.

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Peace on y'all

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