Sustaining Your Hopes

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In the midst of the dark night, it is only your hopes that will make you to see light. In the midst of untold difficulties, your hopes will be needed for you to see that there is always a way out. No matter what you have lost, as long as your hope is still alive, then you have not lost everything. The hope here is the one borne out of the fact that "if there is life, then there certainly has to be a way out". Hope does not deny the present situation but it only redirects your focus to the brighter side of life.

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You may be able to accept rough situations and limited disappointments but in all these, try not to lose limitless hopes. Yes, hopes are not bounded by your present situation because the situations are temporary but hopes are infinite. An individual that has lost hope has directly lost their meaning to life because one of the major things that give meaning to the life of an individual is their hope.

In battle for example, the only reason you engage is because of the hopes of emerging as a conqueror. Even in the world of athletics, your participation is primarily a function of your hopes to win the competition. Without having the hopes of winning, it will be pointless and futile to participate in the competition. You see, your hope is one of your greatest allies.

The truth is, hope is not gifted, neither is it learnt, it is choice irrespective of what is happening or not happening. I once heard of a particular president that contested for many times before winning. He ran for the gubernatorial seat and lost, he went further to run for the house and also lost.

Amidst these failures, he never lost his hopes. He progressed even further to run for presidency and failed at the first trial. Well, that did not dwindle his hopes. He hit the victory at the second trial. You see, what kept him trying all these while was because of the high hopes that he had that he would win. Without hope, giving life a try will be tiring.

Some of the great inventions we have today were not done in a single trial. Some of them took several trials before they turned out successful. Imagine if the inventor lost hope when he failed at the first trial, his invention would have died. You do yourself a great harm by losing hope. The truth is, it is far better and worthwhile to try something and fail than not trying at all for the fear of failure.

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Failing at that initial trial should not make your hopes to shake because it is not fatal and it does not mean you cannot have a good result in the next trial. It only means that you should give it another trial and possibly using a different format.

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Peace on y'all

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