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No matter how colourful your future is, it will begin from the actions of today. It is funny how some people focus only on building a good future without taking care of today. It is worthy to note that the future you seek starts from the today you have. If you cannot take care of your present, the same thing may also happen in the future.

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There will come to a point when you realize that you have to shift your attention from chasing after what you want to do and focus more on what you need to do. Someone's actions of today go a long way to tell how their tomorrow will look like. There is no action that is left without reactions which can also be called the consequences of actions. You only have control over your actions but not the consequences that come as a result of them.

The great percentage of what you are experiencing in the present is a result of the actions that were performed in the past. In the same way, the greater percentage of what you will experience in the future will be the resultant effect of the actions of the present. If you do not like the way your life has turned out to be, it is time to take a positive action in the present that will bring a positive result in the future.

Someone needs to know this; even though you may not be able to predict correctly the future, you can still know if yours is tilting towards the positive side or the negative side, judging from your actions of the past and the present. The truth is, you do not expect the future to happen accidentally.

A farmer that plants orange will definitely expect to harvest orange. Similarly, when you sow positive actions, you will not expect anything less than positive returns. When you start viewing your actions as seeds that you are sowing, you will begin to show caution in your actions. There are no careless actions, every of them carries consequences.

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Anything that will become of your life is your absolutely prerogative. You have the full responsibility of what your actions are, without recourse to the situation that led to the action. Note this: you may not have access to change the actions you have performed in the past but you have full control of what your next action will be, so act wisely - for the sake of your future.

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