Understanding Beyond Actions To Intentions

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There are some actions that may not appear to be too right but if you look at the intentions, you will see the righteousness in them. As humans, we are almost always moved to judge people by their actions alone without bothering to find out the intentions behind the actions. A point may come when you will find yourself in the middle of two terrible choices and you will discover that the choice of going with the lesser evil will be the best choice available.

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Sometimes, being kind may negate being right but at the end, kindness will still be preferred over being right. If any point arises that will give you two options to choose if to be right or to be kind, being kind will be the right choice to make - that is what humanity and posterity will remember. You do not have to convince yourself that you are right. As a matter of fact, you do not need to assume being right everytime. You need to allow your kindness to speak for you.

If you are too quick to judge by actions, you may judge wrongly. Sometimes, you need to allow your heart to come in place of your head. Try to shift the narrative and place yourself in the same position the person that did the action is, you will be surprised at your own actions. Life is so simple but oftentimes, our judgement tends to complicate it and will tend to make it look like it should follow a straitjacketed pattern.

The same action may be done by two different people at different times but it is the intention behind the action that will justify it and not the action itself. This is why you need to ask people questions before passing judgement based on perception. Assumption can be beclouded by sentiments, situations etc, so you should not base you judgement on that. If you are unsure of the intentions, then ask questions.

A friend of mine once found himself in a challenging situation as a result of his actions in his place of work that almost cost him his job. However, when the action was investigated well and questions asked, they discovered that he did that to save the company from a much bigger problem. This things happens everyday but we just pass judgement without even letting the person to explain themselves.

Image from Pixabay

There are always intentions surrounding actions and you need to look into them as well before judging and you may end up not seeing the need to judge in the first place.

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Peace on y'all

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