Brief Update from the U.S.S. Minnowprize

in #life2 years ago

The last couple weeks (has it been years? It feels like years.) have been like something out of a soap opera called "As the Koala Turns".

One stolen wallet, a beat up fellow resident, and a mysterious knife under our bed later, it seemed that it was once again time to find a new residence.

This is home for now:


Thankfully, people don't appear to be insane here. Also, there is a toastie maker.

I like toasties.

That's all for now as @stitchybitch and I attempt to acclimate, destress, and reorganize our lives. All of our operations should hopefully resume back to normal within the next couple days.

Much love and thanks to everyone that has checked on and helped us. <3


I wrote you on Discord but it seems that you don't read the messages or don't respond to it. I want my delegation back.

So sorry ssekulji I only just got fully settled at the new place, having moved pc's and I cannot use discord on the mobile as it chews battery. It's past midnight here but I will take the time to reply now.

You can use steemconnect link to undelegate.

just put a zero in the amount you wish to delegate and use active private key to auth the tx.

The SP will take a week to return, or 5 days I think since last update.

Thanks for the delegation and it is unfortunate to see you go, sorry I had some issues with getting online lately as had to find a new place before finding time to post online.

please can you post me a link for undelegation for both bots because i never did that before. just post both links and i will click on them. that's it. thanks.

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