Unexpected Journey (original poem)

in #life3 years ago (edited)


Awake and alone, my ship sets sail on an unexpected journey.
Always moving, always going in the same direction, the direction of life.

Where is my goal and what do I seek? Where is my map of life?
Coursing through the ocean, through the rough and the calm seas.
Experience sets our path, experience shows us the way.

Over the horizon a new challenge awaits, unknown and unseen.
Waiting for me like a tiger waiting for its prey.

Something moves ahead, rocking my ship.
The water gets busier and busier, my emotions stir.

Curious shapes form in the water, eager to be known and seen,
Pulling and dragging, attempting to bring me down to their murky depths.

Fiercer and fiercer, waves lash out against the side.
Tears stream down my cheeks as I struggle to hold on.

My heart burns, I want it to be over.

And then it stops, just like that.
For once it was there and then it was not.

And deep within this burn, a piece of my map remains.


This grabbed me a little. It's like if you're chasing a dream, it won't be just smooth sailing. There will be obstacles in the way that will make you wanna give up, but you want to make it more than you don't, so you keep going through the rough times. suddenly you succeed.

Thanks for your insight. I see that once you've experienced something, it won't be so tough the next time round. You've managed to get the part of the map that represents that experience for your map of life.

Indeed. If you know what's working, do it more, but it takes some time and effort to figure out the right formula.

This is real Art :o
Samuel, just let me say you are incredibly talented.
Really felt every word of yours. Really felt the panic and the rush till it faded away in the kind of an explosion - just flipped <3

Keep up this incredible work,
cant wait to
best greets from germany brother.

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