Give Thanks for Thanks Giving!

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There is a concept from the communities in the Andes mountains called AYNI:  it is a system of reciprocity, a heart-based exchange of goods and services, where shared resources are honored as the sacred gifts that they are.   

It is a thanks giving that is the very basis of the economy.

"Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy." -- Fred De Witt Van Amburgh 

Steemit can be AYNI: we are creating a new economy built on values here! We are exchanging our priceless ideas for cryptocurrency, "the most subversive technology of our time", the one that can bring down central banks and stop the global industrial military complex. This is the revolution, and these transactions are profound. We're here to lift each other up and create the world we want to live in! 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and in thanks for this magical platform we call Steemit, I would like to run with @everlove's idea for an interactive gratitude journal and give thanks.


It is such a wholesome practice to tune into gratitude every day! When I got sick and tired of feeling depressed all the time, I made the conscious choice to give thanks for the things I truly appreciated, and it changed my life! 

In the beginning, I was so disconnected from this feeling of gratitude that I groped to find something I could honestly say I was thankful for. I started by giving thanks for being dry and warm--such a simple experience that I had completely taken for granted until I realized I could actually enjoy it and derive pleasure from it! I began to notice there were indeed all kinds of things around me to appreciate, and I used my energy to acknowledge them rather than to wallow in despair. The shift in perspective elevated me beyond the darkness. 

Now, I give thanks often. It's a well that runs over; the more thanks I give, the more things there are to be grateful for!

With that, I would like to share 5 things I appreciate, and I invite you to do the same:

  1. @quinneaker - Quinn is the greatest example of a person that I have ever met. He inspires me to be a better person and to utilize my powers for the greater good of ALL. He changed my life by providing an unwavering example of respect, honor, and love. He has taught me so much and offered me countless upgrades. I see him offer the same life-changing perspectives with everyone he meets: he has solutions when solutions are impossible and he is considerate of every single person. I hope that one day I can fully express all this gentleman has done for me, and how meaningful it has been. Thank you, Quinn!!

    + he's super steemy

  2. @everlove - This beautiful lady is tapped straight into creation; she is a shining example for me of the divine feminine! She is super supportive, strong, dedicated, nurturing, patient, extremely encouraging, and always cheerful. I am so much better for knowing and learning from her! Thank you, Shellie!

    I'm so excited to go to Steemfest with her!!!

  3. Steemit - Oh, how you've changed me, Steemit!! You've expanded my horizons. You've redefined what  I thought was possible. You've shifted the paradigm, and you are ushering in a whole new economy and a revolutionary way to perceive resources. I am better educated and more capable from the time we've spent together, and I'm having so much fun loving you! Thank you, Steemit!

  4. Yoga - I love yoga. I. LOVE. YOGA. Seriously, do some yoga and you feel better--even if you already feel good, you can feel better. It never fails! Thank you, yoga!

  5. Iodine - Seriously, I love iodine. Every cell in the body needs this essential nutrient. It's a keystone to health because it controls metabolism and hormones and many other functions. It can protect you from heavy metals, radiation, and halogen poisoning. It's an invincibility forcefield in our modern, poisonous environment. Thank you, iodine!

Gratitude adds value to LIFE! What are you thankful for?

💛 Sara!


I totally loved this. I love seeing gratitude to others posts

I leaned something and I see more of you every day.
I can tell you 5 things I am grateful for.

  1. My kids
    A huge resposibikity and a blessing to have. You cant just quit because you are tired. They have pushed me and given me more love than I can imagine!
  2. Being me
    I choose to finaly accept myself as me. Not worrying about who is thinking of what and what they are thinking of me. I was in my own world without knowing it. Now that i have gotten out of my head, I can truely see what is in front of me .
  3. The support.
    Its been tough living in the matrix and i have had more than enough help out here. I feel blessed
  4. Food.
    Yes I am greatful for food! I loooove food! And I am still planning on making that pumkin recepie you guys out on the @gardenofeden post. I am grwtaful to have a meal everyday and every night.
    5.Being alive.

I love you Sarah. Blessings !

I love you too, Rissa, and I'm so glad you're YOU!!! I'm grateful you're playing with me! You are wonderful, and I hope you find this inspiring to give thanks every day 💛

And I am grateful for Rissa!

Thank god for @saramiller! Fabulous post! It feels good to be bathed in gratitude. I ditto your list. COMPLETELY!! We agree that Quinn exemplifies all of those true things you speak about him and that he's blessed super steemy!!! Steemit's the blessed bomb, yoga's a blessed connection, and Iodine is a blessed essential. And I'm also really grateful for me too. I've focused a lot of attention in evolving, in following my heart, in being myself, and sharing the love. I truly am grateful to be me and I am grateful to share myself with you @saramiller. Our relationship truly is a blessing. For that I am also incredibly grateful.

Great post. Thanks again Sara, we're grateful for you.

You say tomato...(gratitude)
I say tomatoe....(free market economy)

I think an attitude of gratitude encourages a shift from what can I get out of this, to what can I give? It's a subtle energetic difference that completely changes the flavor of a transaction.